Share a Heart!


It’s February the 1st. Are you excited for this month? You should be, because I am excited! This month is really a heart melting month for the people know what’s the essence of this. For some of the bitter people, well! This is not the right time to be sour, please. Let’s celebrate our hearts and be happy. Notice that I say hearts? It is because I am not only talking about the lovers or the couples. I am talking about everyone in this world. You and your mom, you and your dad, you and your sisters&brothers, you and your friends, or you and the stranger that you bumped into are the relationships that we need to rejoice this month. I was never really this excited before, except when I was in elementary. I always make my card and greet my mom a “Happy Valentines day”. I remember before leaving the house for school, I put the card in the mirror where my mom can see it. That was a sweetie daughter days until I reached the teenager years. I even called this ” another bitter days!”. It was a celebration of the lovers in high school and college. Every year when people enjoyed their heart month, there I am! just sitting on a chair and just watching movies with junk food on my hand. Not fun huh? Then one day, my mom invited me for a date since she was just by herself and my sister has a date on her own. Yeah that’s right! I was bitter sitting alone. So, we went to go out in a restaurant and ate our favorite meal. We went to see the latest movie in the theater after that. It was a fun night with my mom and I was ” wooh, this isn’t a bad idea at all”  As I was looking around, I saw lovers holding hands, families eating dinner, friends having fun together and strangers just suddenly become nice. “Wow! I wish the world is like this everyday”. That was then I realize what a heart day is about. You enjoy the day with the person/s you love and you celebrate it together. It doesn’t really matter what you both do. It’s whether you just watch a good movie inside the house after you cook a special dinner or go out somewhere and have fun, as long as you enjoy the night and you made it special that’s all it matters. This not for the lovers only. I know it is deceiving when you see that two cupids in the billboard with arrows. That Lovapalooza where there will be hundreds of couple kissing together at the same time. Then, the movies are all about lovers and your friends are talking about cutest guy they’re gonna date.  Believe me, I have been there and it wasn’t fun at all to be sitting alone while the whole world is floating with love.  After that date with my mom, when people ask me who is my date? I always say ” my mom or my sister” . There is no more heart warming date  than enjoying it with them. Actually, now there is and I am looking forward for our date. I remember our very first valentines date together. That was year 2011. I wasn’t really expecting for a date, since we were both too far to do that. There he was!  His romantic ways was showing again. He surprisingly sent me a bouquet of flowers and bought a heart cookie to celebrate that day. It brought me to tears knowing that he gave the effort to make me feel that I have a date. He woke up early ( we have 14 hours time difference ) ,so he can chat with me before going to work. It was a romantic day I ever had, even though we were just dating online. Then, my best date ever came which is last year 2012 and I couldn’t ask for more. Can you see now why I am excited?

There are many ways to appreciate this month. Start dating with your family and make the whole day very special. The key to a special night is from your heart. If you let the atmosphere of love breath into you then you will absolutely have a great night. Share you heart to everyone. Don’t worry about guys. It will come in the right time and when you find him? You will even appreciate the first valentines date even more in your life. So, Do you have a date this Valentines day? answer the poll below 🙂


Happy Valentines

❤ chengky …


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