Honoring Veteran’s Day 2013!

Honoring Veteran's Day!

Veterans Day is an official United States holiday which honors people who have served in armed service also known as veterans. It is a federal holiday that is observed on November 11. It coincides with other holidays such as Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, which are celebrated in other parts of the world and also mark the anniversary of the end of World War I. (Major hostilities of World War I were formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, when the Armistice with Germany went into effect.) – wikipedia

In honor of Veterans Day on Monday – November 11, 2013 – we take a moment to thank the Veterans who sacrifice themselves to serve this country. To celebrate this important day, especially to the veteran’s family and active military’s family, different restaurants are giving away free meals and discounts to family members. Specific restaurants in San Antonio, Texas honors this federal holiday in support of the heroes of the country. The following restaurants are offering free meals on the Veteran’s Day- November 11, 2013. Bring your proof of military service. Continue reading


Casa Rio – Mexican Food at the Riverwalk

casa rio1

Casa Rio Website

Hey ladies and gents! Have you been to Casa Rio? I guess, I should start asking. Have you been to San Antonio? If you do then you know what I am talking about. To some who haven’t visited San Antonio yet, you are missing out a lot. Come and explore this hidden beauty of the world. So, Casa Rio was the first San Antonio business to open at River and take advantage of the River’s setting. It’s pretty cool sitting right on the river where ducks and different fish are swimming around the water. Yes! You can feed the duck and fish too. It is not even hard to find where it is on the Riverwalk. This place is very popular for the San Antonian. They serve all kinds of Mexican Food which you all know already. San Antonio love Mexican food. If you’ve read my Taste of Riverwalk, you know this is one of our favorite place. They don’t serve that food they give out though. That was superb delicious! Either way, it didn’t stop my husband from going to that place. As soon as his stomach start talking to him, we went straight to Casa Rio. It is located at Commerce Street. Continue reading

How to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads?

How to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads on the face?

Excuse the Freckles 😉

I know how annoying those little heads on the face can be. But squeezing, scratching and poking your sensitive skin will not give you the effect that you wanted. This will only result to scarring, big pores and even worst blackheads. As soon as I started my lady years, different annoying stuff keeps popping on my face. Pimples, blackheads and whiteheads are just admittedly very frustrating to get rid of. It seems like everything we do can’t work. Well, first thing first is to know how this little annoying heads starts popping all over. Continue reading

Diwali San Antonio – “The Festival of Lights”

On November 2, 2013 , the Diwali – Festival of Lights was celebrated at the Hemisfair Park of San Antonio. San Antonians and tourists were gathered together, most especially the Indians from around the world to witness the festive celebration of the Indian culture.. It was held around 5pm until 10pm Saturday and the celebration was free to the Public. There were more than hundred of people went to watch the cultural show that captured the heart of the San Antonians.This was their 5th year celebration in San Antonio Texas. Thus, it influence the culture of the Texans. This celebration was sponsored by the city nurturing the rich culture of Hindu in San Antonio. Officials, different organizations, residence and guests went to experience the event. Food and cultural show has been successfully offered to the people. Traditional Indian dance, crafts, lighted candles and fireworks made the evening truely a Festival of Lights. Continue reading

Trick-or-Treat – My Halloween Night!

Trick-or-Treat - Halloween Night!

What’s up zombies? I bet you are tired from last night’s party and you will be going still to work this morning. Yeah! I know the feeling. To the students out there, take a nap on your break and not on the class. You know what’s going to happened. So, how was your night? Mine was pretty special. I never really had a Halloween night. Actually, this was my 3rd Halloween, but I was always inside our house. We never give out candies. The first time was when I went to a party. The second time was we were so busy that we forgot to buy candies and this time, we planned on crashing the party somewhere downtown. Sad to say, there were nothing going on downtown. I mean downtown river-walk that is! I was really expecting something explosive party down on the Riverwalk on the Halloween night. Don’t you think? Well, they did have costumes contests on the restaurants and some clubs. We are not really into that, so Continue reading

10 Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

10 Trick-or-Trear Safety Tips While Halloween is the best time of the year for kids and adults, it’s also a time for dangerous disaster. Not saying this for being so negative rather, to be cautious. Trick-or treating is a very fun event for all ages. Dress up in costumes, playing pranks to each other and get all the sugar candies all you want. Of course, some of you already know what to do during this time of the year. That is tonight. Are you excited? It is still good to remind ourselves, because sometimes excitement and fun make us forget what really needs to be done in order to avoid disaster. In honor of our Trick-or-Treat and Halloween Party today, here are some 10 tips to a Safety night!
Continue reading

Bud Light Coffin Parade 2013 in San Antonio

Bud Light Coffin Parade 2013

Hi! Last weekend was a double Halloween party. The Comic Convention and the most awaited Halloween event in the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. That is “The Bud Light Coffin Parade”. It was held last October 27, 2013 at the San Antonio River walk. All San Antonian and the tourists gathered together to see the floating coffins in the barges all over the River Walk. And with the people wearing different spectacular costumes entertained the people. The parade runs 2 hours from 6pm – 8pm. Ofcourse, it would be more fun if it was dark and creepy, but daylights didn’t stop San Antonio residence and tourists from watching this Halloween fun! Continue reading

Alamo City Comic Convention

Alamo City Comic COn

Hey y’all avid comic fans! rather, I say costume fans? Either you’re a comic fan or a costume fan, this event was the best part for me and you. Alamo city held a big comic convention event last October 25, 26 and 27. This was a 3day event of comic selling for the avid comic collectors, meet in person the people behind the comics and also to see the off the screen play of our famous super heroes. Some of the people were also dressed up or shall I say put a very good costumes that made them look like the real characters. It was amazing and I lost of words again! Continue reading

Halloween Costume Ideas Compilation

Halloween Costume Ideas Compilation

Hey Ladies and Gents! Are you excited for the Halloween? I bet Americans are excited for this season and some other countries that celebrate Halloween. Philippines, on the other hand, has another way of celebrating this day or shall I say, commemorating the spirits of our loved one in the cemetery. Yes! Have you ever see a party in the cemetery? Spencers question in Pretty Little Liars show. Hey Spencer! Visit Philippines and you’ll see that we party on top of the graveyard. Actually, not a party like that, rather we pray for the souls of the loved ones who already passed away. That’s how we celebrate in Philippines. However, America is different. Costumes, candies, party and trick or treat is their way of celebrating this season. Internet and shows are also invaded with scary shows and photos. So, have you decided yet what are you going to be on Halloween? I know.. me too! I haven’t really had a costume party, but I am interested to have a costume on my own. I find it new and very interesting for me to do such that is why I keep looking for some ideas. Hence, there is too many ideas now that confuse me which one I should be. And you! You might still be confuse of what to wear and it’s going to be next week y’all. Perhaps, the party will be this weekend? I found this easy DIY’s Halloween costume ideas that I compiled. Here it is. Continue reading

Pirates Landing at South Padre Island

Pirates Landing at South Padre Island

Yehey! I finally remember about this. I told you in my last post – South Padre Island – that I am going to write a post about this best Pirate place in South Padre Island. I guess, Alzheimer kicked in and forget about this. Haha! No no. I don’t have Alzheimer. It’s just way of saying that I am kind of forgetful and has this manana habit? Anyway, you can relate to whatever I am going to say if you have been to South Padre and if not? For sure you will have a great time when you visit this place. Pirates Landing is the very first restaurant you will see before you cross the beautiful bridge of South Padre. With it’s very catching theme, that is the pirate, makes you want to go and eat in this place. Good job huh? Although, the place does looks intimidating knowing you’re a vacationers and you are on a budget when it comes to meal. Worry not! This place is very affordable, cheap and worth every penny to spent for a meal. We were actually shock how Continue reading