Take Gossip in a Positive way!


“She said this She said that” or “he said this he said that” is stuck on our ears after we heard such ridiculous words. In my years of existence, I am still finding out how to deal with this kind of situation. Then again, who is not? You, me and them! Each one of us has to deal with it in a real world. Like us we always hear ” we are not perfect to everyone” Yes I know, someone out there will find us perfect in a way our parents and Jesus only knows how perfect we are. Which is mean that the rest of the world will always criticize us and will always say something not maybe good. Honestly, I don’t think that people do or say it intentionally or to hurt anyone. It’s human nature! We tend to describe others and maybe that is positive or maybe negative. We express our disappointments and emotional anguish to let out of our misery, but in our unconscious mind we are hurting somebody. We maybe do not know this or you do, but the truth of reality is we are trying to transfer the burden ,of whatever we are carrying, to somebody. It is because we think that we don’t deserve it and she/he does. It is our selfishness act. If we stop for a moment and think? Do you think we deserve whatever she/he is holding on? neither is she/he of yours. I am not saying that it’s easy to snap out of it, but we can actually take those things gradually and eventually cope with the situation. Me, myself has a lot of things to learn in this world. Just like my hubby said ” It takes experience and years of existence for us to realize that somethings are not worth of our time” and it’s true! I will never know what you think or what you have learned. Maybe, you know how to handle things in a way I will never understand until one day I will? It will maybe take overnight or maybe take longer than years? The fact of the matter is, I will get there in a time that is mine.

For now, Ladies and gents! there are ways to survive in a chaos world. I know you have heard all the formulas in the world how to take it, but have you try it yourself? Sometimes, it takes a deep breath for it to sink in. It is hard the first time, but it will make you a better person than you think you are. There’s this one thing I notice myself. When I hear negative things, I always react, cry and just be emotional. Who is hurting? only myself! That didn’t really matter to anyone if you cry all month. They just laugh at you! I bet you are saying right now ” you don’t know what am feeling”. Guess what? You just got their misery and that’s what happened to me. So, one day I laugh at it. I just laugh.. Yes I know that deep inside it hurts but laughing at it is fun. One thing that also help me the most is to shout it. Not literally you shout it or post it to your Facebook. Tell it to your friend whatever you are hurting. Do not tell any worst word than what it actually is, because it will never help you. Telling your trusted friend about your feeling is a big help of all help. If you have a boyfriend, guy friend or a husband, tell him what you think of situation you have. Don’t tell them too much drama, because guys are guys. They just easily get bored with dramas. Well, they don’t like drama. And if all of those are not enough? write it! I never really understood the main purpose of a diary. Write your thoughts and feelings, in that way it will loosen the tightness of your aches and it’s more fun. You read it one day and just laugh at yourself. You were just as gullible as those kids that you are teasing now. Another thing that helps me is to do and think of the opposite of what they say. Prove them wrong! Now, this is easy. I always feel better doing this. It will make them worst but hey? worry about your misery not theirs. haha! There are also other times that  gossips are true. right? Well, the best thing to do about it is to tell the truth and ask for sorry. This works much better than anything in the world. You confront the person and have a good conversation with them. You are saying ” yeah right! you mean a war conversation?” Good conversation in a sense that you let your feelings out. Whatever she/he is bothering about, now is the time to say it and explain each sides opinions. This is not only to make a relationship better, but it will develop more trust. Trust me, telling the truth is good. Yes it does hurt to know that this person might not be your friend/boyfriend/whoever after the whole thing, but at least you are true. It is up to them to judge you or how they’ll gonna respond to it.

Nothing is easy when you talk about real life, but there are many ways to do it. It might be step by step or maybe you just jump  and learn the whole thing. To summarize it all,  Take a change slowly whatever is the problem. Then you will just wake up one day with a bright sunlight in your heart and realize I JUST DID IT!

❤ chengky ..


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