Macaroni with Diced Tomatoes & Cheese Recipe – quickfix!

Macaroni with Diced Tomatoes & Cheese Recipe


This year will be the busiest year of my life. With so many things going on, I couldn’t hardly cook for anything. I worry no more. Hubby is here to the rescue! He used to cook different easy to make menu before I arrived here. And, you know what happens when woman comes in. Kitchen has been transfer to me since then. I love cooking still, despite of my laziness. So, this Macaroni w/ Diced tomatoes & Cheese Recipe has been a life saver. It’s easy and it’s a quick fix to the starving stomach. Nevertheless, it is very tasty and cheesy which certainly cure the craving of your taste bud. Here are the easy steps: Continue reading


Happy Holidays — Christmas 2013 !


Belated Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a good time with your families and friends. As for me, we had a fabulous and blissful Christmas this year. I am not saying that for the sake of saying, but we had been truly bless this year. I can’t even wait for our next year for some more great things to come. It seems like surprises has been unendingly pouring us. It has been great all in all. That has also been the reasons why I was out for a while now. Oh hey, Happy Anniversary to my blog. Yehey! It has been a year of sharing my stories and my silly thoughts now. Thank you for each one of you who inspire me to do something that I also really love to do. That’s exactly what I needed. You all pushing me to do what I want. Thank you! — Anyway,I just wanna insert it in there. So, I’ve talked about the turkey for my Thanksgiving. My turkey was perfect. Well, perfect doesn’t even fit with description but its beyond perfect.  It turned out to be the best Turkey I have ever made. Since we all loved it so much, we celebrated our Christmas again with the big bird on our table. It was even better. It was so crispy, so juicy inside and very tasty. That was by far the fastest way of cooking Turkey. That is why I love it so much. It has no mess, no hassle and no long wait at all. I do highly recommend it. Oh, I also cooked some cookies, little treats and of course my ever favorite cream corn that taste exactly like the ones in Rudy’s BBQ. Their cream corn was supposed to be a secret recipe, but hey! My dental hygienist told me the secret and I cannot even tell you how good it was. It was perf! – “When food is good, everyone will have a good time!”
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Diwali San Antonio – “The Festival of Lights”

On November 2, 2013 , the Diwali – Festival of Lights was celebrated at the Hemisfair Park of San Antonio. San Antonians and tourists were gathered together, most especially the Indians from around the world to witness the festive celebration of the Indian culture.. It was held around 5pm until 10pm Saturday and the celebration was free to the Public. There were more than hundred of people went to watch the cultural show that captured the heart of the San Antonians.This was their 5th year celebration in San Antonio Texas. Thus, it influence the culture of the Texans. This celebration was sponsored by the city nurturing the rich culture of Hindu in San Antonio. Officials, different organizations, residence and guests went to experience the event. Food and cultural show has been successfully offered to the people. Traditional Indian dance, crafts, lighted candles and fireworks made the evening truely a Festival of Lights. Continue reading

Trick-or-Treat – My Halloween Night!

Trick-or-Treat - Halloween Night!

What’s up zombies? I bet you are tired from last night’s party and you will be going still to work this morning. Yeah! I know the feeling. To the students out there, take a nap on your break and not on the class. You know what’s going to happened. So, how was your night? Mine was pretty special. I never really had a Halloween night. Actually, this was my 3rd Halloween, but I was always inside our house. We never give out candies. The first time was when I went to a party. The second time was we were so busy that we forgot to buy candies and this time, we planned on crashing the party somewhere downtown. Sad to say, there were nothing going on downtown. I mean downtown river-walk that is! I was really expecting something explosive party down on the Riverwalk on the Halloween night. Don’t you think? Well, they did have costumes contests on the restaurants and some clubs. We are not really into that, so Continue reading

Bud Light Coffin Parade 2013 in San Antonio

Bud Light Coffin Parade 2013

Hi! Last weekend was a double Halloween party. The Comic Convention and the most awaited Halloween event in the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. That is “The Bud Light Coffin Parade”. It was held last October 27, 2013 at the San Antonio River walk. All San Antonian and the tourists gathered together to see the floating coffins in the barges all over the River Walk. And with the people wearing different spectacular costumes entertained the people. The parade runs 2 hours from 6pm – 8pm. Ofcourse, it would be more fun if it was dark and creepy, but daylights didn’t stop San Antonio residence and tourists from watching this Halloween fun! Continue reading

Alamo City Comic Convention

Alamo City Comic COn

Hey y’all avid comic fans! rather, I say costume fans? Either you’re a comic fan or a costume fan, this event was the best part for me and you. Alamo city held a big comic convention event last October 25, 26 and 27. This was a 3day event of comic selling for the avid comic collectors, meet in person the people behind the comics and also to see the off the screen play of our famous super heroes. Some of the people were also dressed up or shall I say put a very good costumes that made them look like the real characters. It was amazing and I lost of words again! Continue reading

ATT – ” I’ve built my Life Around you”


I have been so blessed to have this man and sometimes, I admit! I sometimes take that blessings for granted. Today, I wanna thank him. He is such an awesome husband to me. I read a blog post from Lipstick and Chaos. She was thankful for how her husband give her that kindness, understanding and patience. I realized my husband has been that way all the time. I do always say thank you, but Continue reading

San Antonio Zoo – REAL. Wild ! LIFE.


Do you love animals? I do. Well, not really for me to take care inside our house. I am so negligent that I don’t want to make any animal suffer on my hands. I do love seeing them. There was one time in my younger years that we had a puppy. My parents would always worry all the time thinking that the puppy will bite us. We end up giving the puppy away. It was sad in our part, but that was the best for him. So, hubby and I love the zoo for many reasons. First of all, who doesn’t love the zoo? There are lots of exotic animals that I don’t think you will ever see randomly on the street. I never even thought I would see a real elephant in my entire life. It’s funny! We have zoo in the Philippines, but I never really went to see that place. Luckily, my husband took me to this zoo that I enjoyed so much. It amazes me how different animals are so special in their own ways.
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