Casa Rio – Mexican Food at the Riverwalk

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Casa Rio Website

Hey ladies and gents! Have you been to Casa Rio? I guess, I should start asking. Have you been to San Antonio? If you do then you know what I am talking about. To some who haven’t visited San Antonio yet, you are missing out a lot. Come and explore this hidden beauty of the world. So, Casa Rio was the first San Antonio business to open at River and take advantage of the River’s setting. It’s pretty cool sitting right on the river where ducks and different fish are swimming around the water. Yes! You can feed the duck and fish too. It is not even hard to find where it is on the Riverwalk. This place is very popular for the San Antonian. They serve all kinds of Mexican Food which you all know already. San Antonio love Mexican food. If you’ve read my Taste of Riverwalk, you know this is one of our favorite place. They don’t serve that food they give out though. That was superb delicious! Either way, it didn’t stop my husband from going to that place. As soon as his stomach start talking to him, we went straight to Casa Rio. It is located at Commerce Street. Continue reading


Pirates Landing at South Padre Island

Pirates Landing at South Padre Island

Yehey! I finally remember about this. I told you in my last post – South Padre Island – that I am going to write a post about this best Pirate place in South Padre Island. I guess, Alzheimer kicked in and forget about this. Haha! No no. I don’t have Alzheimer. It’s just way of saying that I am kind of forgetful and has this manana habit? Anyway, you can relate to whatever I am going to say if you have been to South Padre and if not? For sure you will have a great time when you visit this place. Pirates Landing is the very first restaurant you will see before you cross the beautiful bridge of South Padre. With it’s very catching theme, that is the pirate, makes you want to go and eat in this place. Good job huh? Although, the place does looks intimidating knowing you’re a vacationers and you are on a budget when it comes to meal. Worry not! This place is very affordable, cheap and worth every penny to spent for a meal. We were actually shock how Continue reading

Grimaldis Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria

Grimaldis Pizzeria

Food is sacred, so eat the best food! Hubby and I are always in a hunt for good food. San Antonio has a lot of good restaurants that we haven’t really explored yet. Sometimes, we don’t wanna try a new place. Maybe they will just ripped us off. You know what I mean. Expensive menus and poor food qualities. We have that so many times, but friend’s recommendations are the best. One of hubby’s friend who is an Italian recommended Grimaldis Pizzeria as the best Pizza in town. Hey! I cannot say he doesn’t know anything about pizzas. He is an Italian and they should be good at this area. Right? Well, we went and hunt for this place. The place was packed and bursting with customers waiting outside. First check mark on the list. This pizzeria must be very good for the people to wait at least 30minutes for them to actually be seated and ordered inside. Since this place is located at the La Cantera Mall, we didn’t get bored waiting. This place is like Continue reading



The cool wind with the sound of an upbeat trumpet and big oh guitar ( just kidding! I don’t really know what is that called.) are just one of the things you’ll love about San Antonio River walk. When I saw the commercial for the bud-light Taste of the river walk after the K SAT News, I thought ” We got to try that event”. My hubby,on the other hand,saw it when he was watching some random shows and told me about it. It was a 3 day event from September 10-12 of 2013 on the San Antonio River walk. Over Continue reading

San Antonio World’s Largest Commercialized Pizza – An attempt to be on Guinness World Record!

San Antonio Largest Commercialized Pizza - An attempt to be on Guiness Book of Record!

I couldn’t believe what I saw this morning. My eyes widen up and excitedly calling my husband as he was walking behind me. What a perfect timing! The Dirt Road Cookers who commercially sell a humongous pizza was doing an attempt to beat the record for the World’s largest commercialized available pizza for the Guinness World record. It was held right in front of the San Antonio Guinness Museum in Downtown San Antonio. I was more surprised as I have never heard about this advertised somewhere. Well, this lady said Continue reading

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Olive Garden  Italian Restaurant

Who haven’t heard about this place? Well, maybe some who doesn’t live in San Antonio maybe don’t even know this place. When I first got here in San Antonio, finding for my food was really tough. I was a very picky person and not really very open to any kind of food. But, when it comes to this place? Oh my.. I have no hesitations to choose anything. Maybe because in my college years, I love that Lasagna with tuna from the Port Cafe of Gaisano Mall, Davao, Philippines. I have never really thought Continue reading

54th STREET Grill & Bar San Antonio, Texas!

Happy International Women’s day!

OK! I say this greetings, but I am not exactly sure what it is. I went to Google and found an article. It is a day to commemorate the advancements made in human rights and to discuss the challenges women continue to face in politics, education, employment, and other areas of daily life. Wow! Why didn’t I know this? I am a woman. I guess, the more you grow the more you become aware of what’s around you especially on how Google put this daily things to commemorate about. For me, this deserve an eat out event. Women has the right now, right? Either way, I have the best place for this. Continue reading

Baskin’ Robbins Adventure!

Last weekend has been a little warm. I have been craving for an ice cream and there is one particular flavor that I personally like. That is Pralines ‘n cream. It is a very creamy and nutty flavor. It has a honey covered Pecan mixed on it. I am not too sure if it’s honey covered pecan, but that’s what it taste like to me. That is heaven taste to me especially when you get the Banana Split Sundae with caramel toppings and some more nuts. My goodness! It’s a Continue reading