Better than Rudy’s Cream Corn

IMG_2763Photo is not mine.Credits to the owner.


  • 18 oz cream cheese
  • 1 cup melted butter
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • dash of pepper
  • dash of cinnamon
  • dash of salt
  • 1 large bag of Frozen sweet corn


  • crockpot
  • food processor/blender

How to:

  1. Pour 1 large bag of Frozen sweet corn into the crockpot and set aside.
  2. Mix all the remaining ingredients in a blender.
  3. Make sure that the mixture is fully blended and has a smooth consistency.
  4. Pour the mixture into the crockpot.
  5. Set it to Low and cook for at least 4hours.

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How to Fried a Whole Chicken?

How to Fried Whole Chicken & Recipe

Hey there! How are you? If you are from United States then you know that Thanksgiving is around the corner. I never tried making my own 1 whole Turkey. I was just always an assistant, so it’s still not me who cook it. Cooking for me is my own masterpiece. I prepare the ingredients myself and think of how I cook it. So, Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from now. Can you believe it? I do. I have been waiting for Thanksgiving this year, since I will be hosting for the gathering. I volunteered for it. I want to also grasp and feel what American culture is and how they celebrate it. And so, I invited my hubby’s family to come over and celebrate with us in our house. I am so excited at the same time nervous. My husband wants a fried turkey and oh boy! I never tried that and I am not really sure with the whole process. We recently have this new kitchen toy. Yes! For me its a kitchen toy. I use them for cooking and its so fancy for me. Anyway, I never tried frying  whole meat before so it is quite interesting for me. Also, this new toy is kind of scary to look at. I might splatter the oil to my eyeball. Before I am going to have a Thanksgiving disaster, I tried it on a chicken. I cannot even tell you how much juicy and crispy it is. It was so good that one whole chicken was not enough for me.  I followed this simple steps and boom! It was cooked to perfection. This was my preparation to my big oh TURKEY – My Fried Whole Chicken! Continue reading

Rice Pilaf Alternative Recipe

Rice Pilaf Alternative RecipeWho here doesn’t love the Rice Pilaf at the fancy restaurant? A couple of months of my first arrival in United States of America was a struggle. Most especially when it comes to food. You know that already. I thought that none of the restaurants will ever serve me rice just like the one we have at home. Yes! They don’t serve white rice with your juicy baby back ribs, tender fried chicken or the ever so tasty lemon pepper fish. I didn’t actually know about this option. Duh.. why didn’t I know that? Continue reading

Sauteed Green Bean with Chicken Recipe

Sauteed Green Bean with Chicken Recipe

Hey y’all! How have you been? Fall is finally here and we are so excited for this season. The same as most of us do. This is our best weather among all from this entire year and I cannot argue with that. If you live in Texas then you know exactly what I am talking about. As a matter of fact, air-condition in the car and houses is a must in this part of the world. Well, everyone does but you are honestly gonna die without this genius made product if you live here. Yeah, that’s called over reacting. Am I? So, did you miss my cooking recipe? or maybe not! Whether your answer is yes or no, I am going to share with you a very special recipe to me. This whole menu reminds me of my whole family together at the table. Yes! One of my mom’s special food for us. You know that childhood years when you hate vegetables and mom tricked you into eating such. Exactly! Hence, Continue reading

Pork Ribs Barbecue ( Filipino Style ) with Homemade barbeque Sauce

Pork Ribs Barbeque ( Filipino Style )

Happy Thursday! One of the things that I also love in the summer is grilling. I have been bugging my hubby last year to buy us a grill, so I can start experimenting grilled recipes. Thank you to my dearest hubby. My request has always been granted and he never fails. Well, I didn’t know that he does love grilling. I have not been using my stove lately. I was really more into smokey food flavor. Today, I wanna share to you my Pork Ribs barbecue. This is a super easy recipe. Well, you know! Continue reading

Spaghetti with ground beef Recipe

When weekend comes, I seems to be more lazy to cook than in my regular days. I hope it’s not only me. Who can relate to this? Hands up! haha! I met some of the wives and they said the same thing. Weekends are not cooking days, but me? I have a resolution to keep.  That is cooking all the time, so we have less eating out and less spending. Besides, Continue reading

Chicken Sandwich Recipe!

It has been a long time that I haven’t share any recipe to you. Now, I will share my best recipe ever! Have you ever been to Chick-fil-A? Gosh! Why am I asking this? Of course, everyone do! If you haven’t yet, you are missing out a very good Chicken sandwich. I love their Chicken Sandwich and the Deluxe one at Chick-fil-A. Not only it is very affordable but Continue reading

” Carne Guisada with love “

Yehey! My husband has been dreaming about this recipe. He wished that I know how to cook this stuff. I haven’t been courageous enough to try cooking on my own, because I am not exactly sure how they do it. Whenever we’re in downtown of San Antonio, my husband would always go to his favorite Mexican restaurant. He would always get this stuff . He loves it and I do too. I remember when he said ” I wish you know how to make this stuff”. He’s just simply saying ” Honey, can you try making this so I can eat this at home”. Yeah, he was just shy of telling me what exactly his thinking. I find it amusing, because he doesn’t really demand anything for me to cook. In other words, he would just say it in nice words and not making me feel that it’s my obligation to cook. I am thankful for that, because I wouldn’t feel the pressure that I need to cook everyday. So, there I am thinking to myself why not try it. If it’s a fail ? Burgers will be another option for our dinner. What’s the use of diners and restaurants? haha! Then, I looked for recipes online. I read all of the different Carne Guisada recipes and they were all almost the same. Some of them used canned diced tomato instead of the fresh ones. I tried to understand the process of cooking it and Gosh! It was just like sitting on a chair while this thing is cooking on its own. That’s how easy this one to make. All the ingredients mentioned were already on our pantry so it should be a smooth making process for me. I am pretty sure that these are all in your own pantry too. I started in the morning, so I can slow cook it for at least 5hours. The Carne Guisada that I’ve tasted were very tender. I thought that slow cooking it was the only way to make it very tender. I actually got excited at the same time nervous how it would turn out, because that was the first time I made it. It might be too salty or too much water. To my surprise, it turned out perfect! My husband loved it. It was very tender and the gravy was very tasty. He enjoyed his little Mexican dinner in our own house. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mexican dinner without a Spanish rice and a warmed up flour Tortilla. Here is my customized Carne Guisada recipe.

carne guisada Continue reading

Pork Stew / Afritada Filipino Style – “The Satisfying Food”

One of my resolutions is to cook more and eat out less, so I look for more recipes that I think my husband might love. Hey, what do you know.. He loves stew! Actually, when I first got here he ask me if I could make him a good stew. I did try making it even I have no idea what stew is. That was a fail experiment though. Where can you find a beef stew without a gravy? It came out dry and has a big chunks of pork. Isn’t it supposed to be a soup? I just laugh at it knowing that I am still a practitioner when it comes to this field. So, here I am again experimenting for the second time. Guess what? My husband was impressed. Oh, I remember how he was eating it like he wanted it all for himself. He describe it as “Satisfying Food”. He even ask for more the next day.Of course, I want it to be a special food. I don’t wanna make it again the next day or the day after that, because it will taste old easy. This is not my own recipe. I found this Filipino site where this guy wrote his recipes in his blog. He is actually very well-known Food blogger for Filipinos. Some of them learned how to cook through his blog and Youtube videos. He has such good and precise recipes for everyone he wants to share his knowledge in cooking. He really is a big help to everyone. Even so, we still need to have a substitute in some of the ingredients we don’t have. It’s up to you how long you cook the certain things, so really cooking is not only following steps and instructions. It is about creativity and passion. For me, I have my inspiration why I cook food and that is my husband. Here is that Pork Stew and improve it your own way!

IMG_4175 Continue reading