Your Black friday Shopping guide!

Your Black friday Shopping guide!

It’s Thanksgiving week fellas! I know. It’s time for some no diet restrictions. Wait a minute? No. No. It’s coat season, so I am pretty sure that has been set aside a long time ago. Thanksgiving will just be another festive day of foods, drinks and lots of friends coming over. Well, it’s really more like a time to thank those people who has been there with you ups and down. That is our family. I am excited for this week. Aside from the family and friends gathering, it’s also a shopping spree week. I mean, one day of getting some very good deals plus its a good time for some gift shopping for Christmas. My very first black Friday shopping was pretty awesome, yet disastrous. I ended up with nothing but leg pains and headaches! I never had that kind of shopping wherein everyone were really snagging everything cheap. All the things that I have in mind were all sold out even before it was out. I should’ve known better. With some research and common sense thought, I have this guide that for surely will help me for my Black Friday shopping this year. Here it is: Continue reading


REVIEW – Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil

I hate changing shampoos. I am quite in a good years of age right now that is considered old. I guess! Well, not that kind of old. I have never ever in my life found a really good shampoo that made my hair healthy, shiny voluminous and smelling good. All the pair of shampoos that I had was Ok. I think that it was just more like of a disaster. Strand of hairs were everywhere. I basically shred like a cat. I am not talking about 100 strands of hair a day. It was more like I am getting bald. It was a concern for me and most especially my hubby. It makes me laugh thinking how his face looked when he saw me rolling my hair into a ball. It was a reaction of “Holy Mother of Pearl! How did that happened?”. And so, he brought me to the store to look for a good shampoo & conditioner and help me with my problem. I think the main reason of that was changing from one shampoo to another. In which, the new shampoo didn’t really suit my hair. We found this Matrix Biolage shampoo. It was very interesting to me for the reason that, I have heard how good this brand is. I tried ones and it really amazed me. I had this shampoo for many months now. Here’s what I think about this product: Continue reading

What to wear in a Job Interview?

What to wear in a Job Interview?

Hey! How is it going? I am glad that we are all fine. So, holidays are fast approaching. This is also the time for lots of job openings which means it’s job hunting for the unemployed or students who wants to have experience. Looking for a job takes a lot of preparations. First, we spent lots of time thinking through our resumes to make it stand out and hopefully get us an invite. Second, looking for job that you’ll really like. That’s actually a tip. You should never apply for a job that you don’t want. As they say, job should be your reasons to wake up everyday and not to frown every morning. If you get an invite for an interview, this only mean you already gave a great impression. The hard work of your resume finally paid off. Now, it’s time to give a first impression. There is nothing like a get to know personality than the resume. This is sometimes the hard part, because we all want to be the best of ourselves and give a very good impression of yourselves. It should start of by looking professional as you can be, but what should you wear in an interview? Here’s a guide to a professional looking you for a business interview: Continue reading

How to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads?

How to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads on the face?

Excuse the Freckles 😉

I know how annoying those little heads on the face can be. But squeezing, scratching and poking your sensitive skin will not give you the effect that you wanted. This will only result to scarring, big pores and even worst blackheads. As soon as I started my lady years, different annoying stuff keeps popping on my face. Pimples, blackheads and whiteheads are just admittedly very frustrating to get rid of. It seems like everything we do can’t work. Well, first thing first is to know how this little annoying heads starts popping all over. Continue reading

10 Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

10 Trick-or-Trear Safety Tips While Halloween is the best time of the year for kids and adults, it’s also a time for dangerous disaster. Not saying this for being so negative rather, to be cautious. Trick-or treating is a very fun event for all ages. Dress up in costumes, playing pranks to each other and get all the sugar candies all you want. Of course, some of you already know what to do during this time of the year. That is tonight. Are you excited? It is still good to remind ourselves, because sometimes excitement and fun make us forget what really needs to be done in order to avoid disaster. In honor of our Trick-or-Treat and Halloween Party today, here are some 10 tips to a Safety night!
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Halloween Costume Ideas Compilation

Halloween Costume Ideas Compilation

Hey Ladies and Gents! Are you excited for the Halloween? I bet Americans are excited for this season and some other countries that celebrate Halloween. Philippines, on the other hand, has another way of celebrating this day or shall I say, commemorating the spirits of our loved one in the cemetery. Yes! Have you ever see a party in the cemetery? Spencers question in Pretty Little Liars show. Hey Spencer! Visit Philippines and you’ll see that we party on top of the graveyard. Actually, not a party like that, rather we pray for the souls of the loved ones who already passed away. That’s how we celebrate in Philippines. However, America is different. Costumes, candies, party and trick or treat is their way of celebrating this season. Internet and shows are also invaded with scary shows and photos. So, have you decided yet what are you going to be on Halloween? I know.. me too! I haven’t really had a costume party, but I am interested to have a costume on my own. I find it new and very interesting for me to do such that is why I keep looking for some ideas. Hence, there is too many ideas now that confuse me which one I should be. And you! You might still be confuse of what to wear and it’s going to be next week y’all. Perhaps, the party will be this weekend? I found this easy DIY’s Halloween costume ideas that I compiled. Here it is. Continue reading

Different Uses of OATMEAL


There are many countless ways to use Oats. From Face to anything. Most of us have a stock of oats in our pantry. Unsurprisingly, it has been there and has not been touch at all, except as our breakfast go to. I know how you feel. You don’t want to eat oats every morning, yet you do love oatmeal once in a while. But did you know you can use your oatmeal in different ways you didn’t expect? OATS is considered as a very healthful food. It is rich in fiber, protein and many more that gives lots of benefits. In this topic, let me share to you the different uses of oatmeal from my kitchen to my beauty routines. Continue reading

REVIEW – Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo Review

This is my very first dry shampoo ever. I was at our local store and just you know looking around. I wasn’t really into dry shampoo stuff, but I have seen a lot of YouTube gurus use them. Figures! They are really very influential in whatever they use. Anyway, I was captured by the packaging of this Dry Shampoo. You got to admit. It has a cool design and a sleek bottle. The color green gives it the idea that this must be very refreshing dry shampoo. Honestly, I don’t like starting my day not taking a shower. It gives me a heavy feeling on my head, but in this country time is precious. So, I start learning how to do that. I have used this 5times for the past few months already. Here’s what I thought of it: Continue reading

How I Adjusted in Another Country!

How to Adjust Yourself in Another Country!

Are you one of us who migrated to another country?  Then, this topic is for you!

Today, I wanna talk about this matter that is quite difficult to explain. You all know that I am a Filipino. I was born and raise in the Philippines. I am now married to a handsome American man ,as you all know if you’re one of my reader. We both decided to live in San Antonio Texas , which is thousands miles away from my home. At first, I was skeptical due to the fact that, I am nervous with all the changes. Not only that, I was so used to be surrounded with my family. There were also tons of questions like Continue reading