“Life Art”

              I am so glad I finally  have my own online Diary.  Growing up in this generation is like watching cars. It is always in a fast pace. Everyone is very computer motivated geeks. Notebooks with locks are not the in thing anymore. I still remember when I have my own Diary notebook before. My parents would used to open my Diary and read my own little secrets. It wasn’t a big deal, but as a little kid you want to have your own secret. Not only that, you are shyer to open up to your parents how you really feel about things. However, in these days secrets and privacy are not really much of an emphasis anymore. In fact, We like to even more express ourselves and share our thoughts to everybody through different use of sites. I always had thought that writing about our life is an amazing expression of feelings. Through writing, we are exploring  the deepest thoughts of our hearts. It is weird to know that someone out there is reading your story.What I mean weird in the sense that they will know you even more as they read along with it. In the contrary, It is exciting to be reading someone’s activity and someone’s experiences. It is very inspiring to read the different views, opinions, beliefs and stories of everybody. But really the best part of all is to read your very own and you get to taste your life in the second time or as many times as you want.

Life Art1 

Anyway, I would like to introduce myself. I am Chengky from San Antonio, Texas . I was born and raise in the best tropical island in the world Philippines. I am a married woman. Yes! I am happily married to a man of my life and a man of everything to me.  I have a bubbly personality. It only depends when I like to bust out my bubbliness to the person.My whole aura is very unapproachable, yet easy to mingle with.  I guess, it is only my husband knows how funny and crazy I am. I have lots of funny and interesting thoughts in me. That is why, I would like to start my own expression of what I call “LIFE ART”.  I wanna write about everything that is going on the surface. Of course, it’s gonna be more on wonderful things related to my life.

This is my Diary and This is my Life. WELCOME TO MY JOURNEY!


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