Happy Holidays — Christmas 2013 !


Belated Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a good time with your families and friends. As for me, we had a fabulous and blissful Christmas this year. I am not saying that for the sake of saying, but we had been truly bless this year. I can’t even wait for our next year for some more great things to come. It seems like surprises has been unendingly pouring us. It has been great all in all. That has also been the reasons why I was out for a while now. Oh hey, Happy Anniversary to my blog. Yehey! It has been a year of sharing my stories and my silly thoughts now. Thank you for each one of you who inspire me to do something that I also really love to do. That’s exactly what I needed. You all pushing me to do what I want. Thank you! — Anyway,I just wanna insert it in there. So, I’ve talked about the turkey for my Thanksgiving. My turkey was perfect. Well, perfect doesn’t even fit with description but its beyond perfect.  It turned out to be the best Turkey I have ever made. Since we all loved it so much, we celebrated our Christmas again with the big bird on our table. It was even better. It was so crispy, so juicy inside and very tasty. That was by far the fastest way of cooking Turkey. That is why I love it so much. It has no mess, no hassle and no long wait at all. I do highly recommend it. Oh, I also cooked some cookies, little treats and of course my ever favorite cream corn that taste exactly like the ones in Rudy’s BBQ. Their cream corn was supposed to be a secret recipe, but hey! My dental hygienist told me the secret and I cannot even tell you how good it was. It was perf! – “When food is good, everyone will have a good time!”

And of course, Christmas will not be Christmas without a picture taking next to our tree. 🙂











to the far left is my mother-in-law.

and my hubby’s aunt visiting from Indiana.


Oh. how I miss my family. I wish they were here too! I have never thought that I would miss them this much. I guess, I was around with them all my life and never thought in my wildest dream that I would be this far from them. All the technologies cannot even compare seeing their laughters and feeling their presence around me. Someday! I will be with them again popping fire works and throwing bombs on each other just like typical family do on Christmas.


I maybe late to say that, but I am still in my holiday mode. Christmas is still in the air for me.  2014 is already tomorrow.


How was your Christmas day?



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