Your Black friday Shopping guide!

Your Black friday Shopping guide!

It’s Thanksgiving week fellas! I know. It’s time for some no diet restrictions. Wait a minute? No. No. It’s coat season, so I am pretty sure that has been set aside a long time ago. Thanksgiving will just be another festive day of foods, drinks and lots of friends coming over. Well, it’s really more like a time to thank those people who has been there with you ups and down. That is our family. I am excited for this week. Aside from the family and friends gathering, it’s also a shopping spree week. I mean, one day of getting some very good deals plus its a good time for some gift shopping for Christmas. My very first black Friday shopping was pretty awesome, yet disastrous. I ended up with nothing but leg pains and headaches! I never had that kind of shopping wherein everyone were really snagging everything cheap. All the things that I have in mind were all sold out even before it was out. I should’ve known better. With some research and common sense thought, I have this guide that for surely will help me for my Black Friday shopping this year. Here it is:

1. MAKE A SHOPPING LIST – if you want to stay in your budgeted money for gifts and some of your wants, list them down in order from the priority to the very least important items. This also keep you stay on track on things that you really need to get at the very moment.

2. CHECK THE DIFFERENT IN-STORE AND ONLINE ADVERTISEMENTS  – make sure you are going for good deals by comparing different stores and knowing where they have the good stuff.

3. GROUP YOUR LIST INTO STORES – when you figured out the best deals of your listed items, group them according to the store that has it. It will be easier for you to hunt them in one store to the next without any distractions plus it will make you stay on a budget. Or if you have groups, it would be easier for you to assign each where to go and what to get.

3. CHECK THE OPEN TIME OF THE STORES – even before the door opens, the customer are already outside crashing through the door. Make sure to be there early if that store offers the best savings you can get on your list. That is why it is important to list down things from important to least or from best saving to less. Some stores give out limited stock of some good deals stuff that they will be gone within minutes after the store opens.

4. PLAN YOUR TRIP – layout what store you’ll be going to first, next and so forth. Also, most of the stores will give out floor plan on where exactly they will be displaying the different items. Plan where to begin and where your family will be meeting. You don’t want all to be going in the same place, right?

5. LOOK FOR COUPONS – even though we are getting savings from all the deals in the store, coupons are always an additional tip in your pocket. Make sure to look for coupons online, print them and bring it with you. Hey! It doesn’t hurt to save some more, right?

6. BRING YOUR SHOPPING-MATE and PLAN TOGETHER – it is always fun to shop with friends or family where you assign each person where to go and snag all the goodies you need to get. Plan it ahead before entering to the store. Remember! Shoppers are snaggers and they are not shy to do it. Tell your mates to be active and hunt the stuff on the list.

7. CHARGE ALL YOUR PHONE – the store will be full of people and you don’t want to lose all your communications while you all are all over the place. Charge all the phones, so no one will be lost or you are not going to waste time looking for each other inside the store because the phone’s power is off.

8. WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING & SHOES – Black Friday shopping will not only last for 30minutes, but it will be at least 6 hours of running, standing and snagging stuff. Wear flats or a rubber shoes for a more comfortable shopping. Besides. you don’t want to come home with a twisted ankle, right?

9. BRING WATER – while you will be in line for so long, stay hydrated by bringing  water and some snacks to keep your energy full.

10. STAY ON THE PLAN and DON’T BE DISTRACTED unless it is dirt cheap!

It’s 4 days before the big shopping day. I hope some of my plans will help you to be organized and come home with something on hand. I already did some of my lists and yet it still growing everyday. Let’s see how it goes this year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy your shopping!

Thank you for reading as always and come back for more 🙂



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