What to wear in a Job Interview?

What to wear in a Job Interview?

Hey! How is it going? I am glad that we are all fine. So, holidays are fast approaching. This is also the time for lots of job openings which means it’s job hunting for the unemployed or students who wants to have experience. Looking for a job takes a lot of preparations. First, we spent lots of time thinking through our resumes to make it stand out and hopefully get us an invite. Second, looking for job that you’ll really like. That’s actually a tip. You should never apply for a job that you don’t want. As they say, job should be your reasons to wake up everyday and not to frown every morning. If you get an invite for an interview, this only mean you already gave a great impression. The hard work of your resume finally paid off. Now, it’s time to give a first impression. There is nothing like a get to know personality than the resume. This is sometimes the hard part, because we all want to be the best of ourselves and give a very good impression of yourselves. It should start of by looking professional as you can be, but what should you wear in an interview? Here’s a guide to a professional looking you for a business interview:

1. CLOTHES – the clothes you wear give the professional look you wanted, so make sure to dress professionally.


  • Don’t wear too fitting and too short dress – this will make you look like you are going to a party.
  • Don’t printed dress/shirt/pants – this gives a very youthful look. You are going for a mature and grown up person unless if you are an artist.
  • Don’t wear fluffy dress – this will make you look too playful and a kid.
  • Don’t wear neon color shirt or dress – this doesn’t signify that you are serious for the job
  • Don’t wear your pajama’s – believe it or not! Some people just rolled out of bed.
  • Don’t show up with a wrinkled clothes – this signify that your don’t have a good time management and your irresponsible.


  • Do wear a nice formal blouse – make you look mature and responsible.
  • Do wear a navy, dark grey, or black color – neutral colors are always look formal rather than colorful.
  • Do wear a nice suit – if you are going to be interviewing in a bank or a professional job, it is always better to be over professionally dress.
  • Do wear a blazer on top of your nice blouse – a blazer is always handy to formalized your whole attire. Invest in a good black blazer.
  • Do iron your clothes – show up neat to give a very good impression.

2. SHOES – it is as important as the clothes. This completes the whole outfit.


  • Don’t wear strappy shoe – this is over daring and too sexy
  • Don’t wear 5” high heels – it is too over fashion unless you are applying to become a model
  • Don’t wear Colored heels – this only gives a very youthful look unless if the job is for being a fashionista.
  • Don’t wear rubber shoes – common sense why.


  • Do wear a close toe shoes – this gives it a more formal look
  • Do wear a less inches heels – you don’t need to be too tall. You just need a height to straighten your body.
  • Do wear a suitable shoe for your dress – give your dress or formal wear a justice by getting the right shoe.

3. MAKE UP – your face is always the face that you need to represent. Make sure it’s presentable.


  • Don’t wear bold make up – you don’t want to scare the interviewer.
  • Don’t wear false eyelashes – It is not beauty pageant.
  • Don’t wear bold lip color or black lip color – this will not give a good impression of you
  • Don’t wear colorful eyeshadow – it’s an interview and it’s not appropriate for a business job.
  • Do not wear too much eyeliner – that’s for teenager.


  • Do wear a red lip – red lipstick always give you that mature look.
  • Do wear a little blush – to give color on your face, but be careful not to put too much.
  • Do wear a neutral color eyeshadow, but less harsh – define your eyes in a professional looking make up.
  • Do define your eyebrows – look up on how to make your eyebrows defined in a mature way.

4. HAIR – this needs to also be looking professional


  • Don’t put colored extension like pink, blue or red – this only gives an impression that you are still a teenager.
  • Don’t over curl your hair – you are not going to a prom.
  • Don’t show up with a wet hair – not a very good idea.
  • Don’t use hair accessory like headband, colorful pens or colorful hair tie – that’s for babies.


  • Do wash your hair – feeling fresh gives a light head which you can focus more ( that actually for me )
  • Do dry your hair before leaving the house – not good to show up with wet hair
  • Research for different professional hairstyle – hair bun, pony tail, straight hair and your natural hair.
  • Do put gel – to style your hair in place.

5. NAILS – for me, you can see the person’s hygiene through their nails


  • Don’t show up with a long dirty nails – explanable
  • Don’t color it with colorful nail polish – doesn’t send a good impression of you


  • Do cut your nails and clean it – this give an impression that you have a good hygiene.
  • Paint your nails with neutral color or no paint at all – its more professional that way

6. BAG – less of a problem but at the same time its important.


  • Don’t bring an oversized bag – you don’t want to look like whatever your thinking with the big bag.
  • Don’t bring colorful bag – that’s just too youthful and fun
  • Don’t bring a wallet only – you don’t want to look like you didn’t bring anything.
  • Don’t use a cross body bag – doesn’t look professional at all.


  • Do bring any good size neutral color bag – neutrals just give a formal look
  • Do bring a portfolio or brifecase – for your resumes and things you need to bring.

We need to look as professional as much as possible as much as possible for our job interview, but we also need to be very comfortable with what we wear. We don’t want to look like unhappy but instead to look like we really wanted the job. Besides, confidence is the most important tool you can bring for an interview by having a good clothing and a prepared self. There is nothing like giving a good impression than leaving a bad  guessing of what was that. Whether you get the job or not, always remember? There is always better on your future ahead. Pray and Goodluck! Check out my How to Prepare for an interview blog.

What are your Do’s And Dont’s on what to wear in an interview?



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