How to Fried a Whole Chicken?

How to Fried Whole Chicken & Recipe

Hey there! How are you? If you are from United States then you know that Thanksgiving is around the corner. I never tried making my own 1 whole Turkey. I was just always an assistant, so it’s still not me who cook it. Cooking for me is my own masterpiece. I prepare the ingredients myself and think of how I cook it. So, Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from now. Can you believe it? I do. I have been waiting for Thanksgiving this year, since I will be hosting for the gathering. I volunteered for it. I want to also grasp and feel what American culture is and how they celebrate it. And so, I invited my hubby’s family to come over and celebrate with us in our house. I am so excited at the same time nervous. My husband wants a fried turkey and oh boy! I never tried that and I am not really sure with the whole process. We recently have this new kitchen toy. Yes! For me its a kitchen toy. I use them for cooking and its so fancy for me. Anyway, I never tried frying  whole meat before so it is quite interesting for me. Also, this new toy is kind of scary to look at. I might splatter the oil to my eyeball. Before I am going to have a Thanksgiving disaster, I tried it on a chicken. I cannot even tell you how much juicy and crispy it is. It was so good that one whole chicken was not enough for me.  I followed this simple steps and boom! It was cooked to perfection. This was my preparation to my big oh TURKEY – My Fried Whole Chicken!


1 whole chicken

2 gallons of Vegetable/Peanut Oil

Tony’s Chacheres Creole Seasoning

How to cook:

  1. Make sure the chicken is completely thawed.
  2. Put the chicken on the Pot and pour in water until the chicken is all covered. This is the way we measure the Oil for cooking.
  3. Bring the chicken up and determine how much water is in the pot.
  4. Pour in the Oil and set the temperature to 375degree Fahrenheit.
  5. Meanwhile, pat the chicken dry and rub the Tony’s Creole Seasoning inside and out of the chicken skin.
  6. When the pot is ready, bring the chicken in slowly and safely into the pot. ( chicken should be in a strainer )
  7. Set the timer to 45minutes. Check the Chicken every 20 minute by just looking at the skin.
  8. When the chicken is already golden brown and has an internal temperature of  160 – 165 degree fahrenheit, it’s ready!
  9. Bring the chicken up and let it rest for at least 5minutes.
  10. Serve it with french fry or steaming rice. Enjoy!

Fried Whole Chicken Recipe 2

I love how my chicken came out. It was cooked well, that is why the skin was so dark brown. Even though it was dark brown, it was very crispy from the outside, juicy on the inside that you can feel it dripping down your hands and very tasty overall. You’ll be left licking your fingers and eating the chicken down to its last bone. My husband can eat this by himself. That’s how much he likess this recipe and he wants for more. Now, I might use the same recipe for my whole Turkey or if I could find a better seasoning intended for turkey. Either way, I am so prepared for my next whole meat frying, especially for my 20lbs turkey. How about you? Do you have any other way of frying whole chicken and turkey? What’s your recipe?

Thank you for reading and come for more 😉


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