From Philippines and the Filipino people to YOU!

From Philippines to YOU!

In behalf of all the Filipinos around the world, we say THANK YOU for helping us in the time of our needs. We can’t express this in any other words. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was overwhelming to know that people care in times of calamity. Each of the nations has been very sympathetic. Thank you for your great heart to offer your help and support to my country. Your generosity overwhelms the nation. To those who personally donated any amount, thank you so much for your help. A single cent really help each person back in my country. A dollar is equal to 41 pesos. It can already feed a lot of people. To those country who sent their own people and aircraft carrier to help rescue, carry the food, clothing and needs and aid for the people, we thank you from the deepest of our heart. Words cannot express our gratitude of feeling the care and love from all of you. To the live broadcasting of the situation in the Philippines that showed other people and touch their hearts, i cannot express personally how glad I am to see you all care. Thank you for covering Philippines. WE ALL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL for this helping hands.

All my family here and friends has been asking how is my family back home. To GOD, thank you so much for sheltering my family. I felt sorrow at the same time for those who have been hit by the typhoon and lost their homes and loved ones. I can never express how sad we are seeing all those people on the television. I could never asked that to happen to anybody in this world. No matter who they are. They don’t deserve any of this. Our lord may give them 10 times more strength to never give up and give them another kind of hope. I know that I can’t fully understand how they are feeling, but I can see their pain right through their eyes. May they have more power to live and continue on. It might not be today, but may they find light on their way. Guide the earth and embrace it to protect for the possible storm. To the families that lost their relatives, my deepest sympathy and condolence to you. May your find your strength again to stand back up and continue the lives that your relatives want you to be. Everyone can see your pain and you are not alone. Please be strong. Life may not be here now, but there’s a lot more ahead. To the families that haven’t found their relatives yet, I am not sure what I have to say but keep praying. I know some of you don’t believe on it anymore. I can’t say anything with that seeing what you went through is not easy. I cannot say more words than this, but I can see all the pain in all the people who I saw on the  videos and television. We hope you all will be alright and recover from all this.

Thank you all for reading and to those who still want to donate, these are the different organizations that you can go to:

1. American Red Cross – Facebook homepage

2. AT&T and Verizon – offering free calls and texts to the Philippines for customers trying to contact friends and family there in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan

3. ORGANIZATIONS for HAIYAN SURVIVOR – click on link to see more organizations

4. HOW TO HELP HAIYAN SURVIVOR – click the link!

5. MY FRIEND – please also help her family, friends and relatives that until now are still hungry, thirsty and no clothes at Ormoc city which is the neighboring city of Tacloban. Them too got hit so badly and they are in need of your help. A dollar or change can already make their suffering and pain ease .Contact her by her facebook account and ask how you can help her. Please.. They are in need so badly. A dollar or used clothes can already change their situation.

P.S. I was too sad to write blogs this past week, so hopefully you all understand.



3 thoughts on “From Philippines and the Filipino people to YOU!

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  2. Micheng,
    I am organizing a Disaster Relief Fundraising at our church in Tampa, Florida. I found this art work in the internet and I would like to get permission to use it as background for our ticket and flyer to get people to come to the fundraising. The event is scheduled on 12/22. Please let me know as soon as possible. I will be sending the flyer to friends and facebook as well.

    • Hi, I would really glad to help you, but this photo is not mine. I found this shared from facebook page. I still don’t know who own this photo. I am so sorry that I couldnt give you the permission. And, you have such a great heart to organize a fund raising for Philippines. Thank you!

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