Casa Rio – Mexican Food at the Riverwalk

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Casa Rio Website

Hey ladies and gents! Have you been to Casa Rio? I guess, I should start asking. Have you been to San Antonio? If you do then you know what I am talking about. To some who haven’t visited San Antonio yet, you are missing out a lot. Come and explore this hidden beauty of the world. So, Casa Rio was the first San Antonio business to open at River and take advantage of the River’s setting. It’s pretty cool sitting right on the river where ducks and different fish are swimming around the water. Yes! You can feed the duck and fish too. It is not even hard to find where it is on the Riverwalk. This place is very popular for the San Antonian. They serve all kinds of Mexican Food which you all know already. San Antonio love Mexican food. If you’ve read my Taste of Riverwalk, you know this is one of our favorite place. They don’t serve that food they give out though. That was superb delicious! Either way, it didn’t stop my husband from going to that place. As soon as his stomach start talking to him, we went straight to Casa Rio. It is located at Commerce Street.

Casa Rio Cantina

Casa Rio Boat

Waiting time was also the same as other Mexican restaurant. People here in San Antonio are really into eating out. So, you put your name on a waiting list. There’s a man standing on the front of Casa Rio. They’ll ask you if you want to sit outside near the river or inside and enjoy the walls. No, just kidding! Seriously, who would wanna sit inside? How could you enjoy eating at the Riverwalk when you would rather talk to the wall? or maybe, they are afraid of the birds pooping? lol! Who cares? Hubby and I love the Riverwalk, so we take advantage of it. Waiting time was at least 15 minutes. Of all the things going on around, 15 minutes was not that long at all. This is a nice place to date with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or your whole family. Especially now that the atmosphere is very cool and the weather is really nice. You are definitely will forget the stress you have all week-long. The scenery is really romantic with their colorful round umbrellas that will shelter you from any danger like sun and you know what I mean right?


Chips and Salsa 😉

Like any other Mexican restaurant, we start of with chips and salsa. Chips are good, but salsa is not! Is it just me or everyone too? I wish they make it fresh. It taste like its been sliced since yesterday. I mean, I wanna eat in the restaurant for the reason the food are freshly made. This time was not at all. Although, I was disappointed but I still ate it anyway. I was starving and need something to eat. Even that didn’t make my taste bud taste so good. Also, the menu said Chips is included on dinner entree. Is my comprehension not that good. Tell me, does this mean that every entree you order you get chips with it? According to them, they only give out chips per table. OK now! That’s not what we understand on the menu, but who would actually wanna debate with that? It probably just my English. We waited for our food for about 20minutes and watching the waitress and waiters setting up the boat for the customers that reserved the boat. They actually do a dinner on the boat. We inquired last time on our wedding day and it was expensive. They will actually tour you around the Riverwalk with the capacity or more than 10 people.


EL RIO    $8.35
Cheese Enchilada, Crispy Beef Taco, Chili Con Carne, Guacamole Salad, Mexican Rice, and Refried Beans


2 Enchiladas topped with Monterey Jack, Tomatillo Sauce & Sour Cream, Guacamole Salad, Mexican Rice, and Refried Beans

So, dinner came and we were so excited to dig in. Like I was expecting,. it must be very good and tasty. I was disappointed. The meat was dry and not tender while the enchilada was OK. Dinner meal was OK. I requested for a Pico De Gallo, since I love Pico De gallo. I was so surprised that the ingredients wasn’t fresh at all. It didn’t even taste like pico de Gallo. I make this a lot at home and it is always better when ingredients are fresh. Maybe, they were just so in a hurry and the food wasn’t serve at its quality. During the taste of the river walk, this was our 2nd favorite. We were kind of disappointed at the same time, we still enjoyed the place. We love the place and the scenery. We were there during the halloween parade, so it was like a VIP seat. It was a great day, despite of that. Though, I wish that food was better. I think that the chef just need an improvement and stick to what San Antonio guest and residence love about their food. That would be a total great dinner experience.

The way to enjoy this place is you got to love nature. If you love all the busy, yet nature surrounding. This place is perfect. Feeding ducks and fish and interacting to the water. You’ll surely love this place. Hubby and I DO!

Thank you for reading and come for more 😉



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