Trick-or-Treat – My Halloween Night!

Trick-or-Treat - Halloween Night!

What’s up zombies? I bet you are tired from last night’s party and you will be going still to work this morning. Yeah! I know the feeling. To the students out there, take a nap on your break and not on the class. You know what’s going to happened. So, how was your night? Mine was pretty special. I never really had a Halloween night. Actually, this was my 3rd Halloween, but I was always inside our house. We never give out candies. The first time was when I went to a party. The second time was we were so busy that we forgot to buy candies and this time, we planned on crashing the party somewhere downtown. Sad to say, there were nothing going on downtown. I mean downtown river-walk that is! I was really expecting something explosive party down on the Riverwalk on the Halloween night. Don’t you think? Well, they did have costumes contests on the restaurants and some clubs. We are not really into that, so hubby though of another option that surely I am going to love. As he said ” I’ll make this a fun night for you! Let’s go trick or treating, but not actually trick or treating.” It sounded good to me. We went all over the places and checking our different neighborhoods that has really cool Halloween stuff. For the very first time, I saw how Americans do the trick-or-treat. You can call me innocent, but I have never seen the kids enjoying the night.


Our trick-or-treaters!

We start the night by eating some dinner and relaxing waiting for the darkness to come. Suddenly, somebody knocked on our door. We both startled as we never expected anyone. Hey! We planned on going somewhere tonight remember? Thank God that we always stocked up on candies. It was so nice to see the little ones knocking on our door and saying “Trick-or Treat!”. I was so amazed how they all were excited as they handed down their baskets to get the goodies. Who’s not gonna love their adorable costumes? oh by the way, I need to cover her face. I don’t have permission to take a photo. I can assure you! She is so adorable. Hey, I didn’t know adult can trick or treat too? hahaha. It was so much fun to see them in our house. I was even still in my pajamas. Great way to celebrate Halloween right? I hurriedly change and wear my old costume. There we went and start our tirck-or-picture! I want to take pictures of everybody that is in costumes.


Lady Cat!


Great lighting.. Haha!

I love costumes, but I am not bold enough to wear them. I wore a super simple lady cat with my batman photographer. We first went to pull a trick on his cousin. It was so funny. His cousin lives down across the bridge, so we are not that far from him. Hubby has this idea of knocking on his door and go trick or treating. He said “He will never recognize us, because we have a mask on.” I chuckled on what he said and there we went – We knocked the door and the place was dark. Then, hubby made this tiny voice and said “Mom, I want some candies! I know that I saw the light in this house.” We both laughed and I was ” Did you just call me Mom?”. He laughed at me while his cousin opened the door. He knew that it was us, because he recognized hubby’s voice. Trick Fail!


Hubby and I love these!


And, here’s my batman 🙂


Random scary man.

And then, we start our trick-or-treating in some random houses that has some cool Halloween stuff. Kids were everywhere. The funny thing was some were not in costumes. They were just in their regular clothes. There were skater boys, football players and homeless costumes. OK! That was really so funny to me. However, they still got lots of candies. Who can tell that it’s just regular clothes. Hey! For all they know he is in his self’s costume, right? I also just discover that you can actually trick or treat in different neighborhood. There were trucks that has full of kids and they go from neighborhood to another neighborhood. Oh I wish that I could take pictures of them, but it was difficult to snapshots them at night. So, that picture over there with that scary man. He was so creepy. I was even scared to go inside. He really creeped me out! But, they were so nice. I did misunderstood when he saw me and went up. I was like “OH MY GOD! Don’t come near me!” The man was just standing up to take a pose with me. It was hilarious! Hubby and I cracked of my reaction. “Seriously? I couldn’t tell if he was trying to scare me or granting my request of taking a photo. Scaredy-cat! I had a great first Halloween. This wouldn’t be possible if hubby didn’t take me. Thank you! How about you? How was your Halloween night? Did you wear any costume? If you do hash tag me on Instagram at #chengmichventure. I would love to see yours.


Halloween Decorations 🙂

Now, Halloween is over! Are you ready for Christmas? I am – I am going to start decorating next week. This is my most awaited time of the year. But before that – Who’s going to shop for sale chocolates? I DO.

Enjoy your weekend!




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