10 Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

10 Trick-or-Trear Safety Tips While Halloween is the best time of the year for kids and adults, it’s also a time for dangerous disaster. Not saying this for being so negative rather, to be cautious. Trick-or treating is a very fun event for all ages. Dress up in costumes, playing pranks to each other and get all the sugar candies all you want. Of course, some of you already know what to do during this time of the year. That is tonight. Are you excited? It is still good to remind ourselves, because sometimes excitement and fun make us forget what really needs to be done in order to avoid disaster. In honor of our Trick-or-Treat and Halloween Party today, here are some 10 tips to a Safety night!

1. PLAN YOUR ROUTE – Trick-or treating can turn into a hunting for missing child action. To avoid all that, plan your route to give everyone knowledge on where everybody is going.

2. TRICK-OR-TREAT WITH A GROUP – Never trick or treat by yourself or leaving the kids with others. Now a days, we always hear about somebody is missing and hopefully we wont hear that this year. You would feel more safer and less targeted by creeps by being on a group, not only that it is more fun with the group.

3. BRING FLASHLIGHT – It is always safer to bring flashlight, so you see the ways you’ll be going to and to avoid accidents.

4. WEAR A COMFORTABLE COSTUMES – Always keep in mind that you’ll be walking in a long street, so wear flats for comfort and prepare coats for cold weather.

5. WEAR REFLECTIVE TAPES – To avoid car accidents while walking on a dark street, always put any reflective tapes around your costumes.

6. DON’T BRING ANY SHARP PROPS – This may cause accidents during trick or treat. It is better be safe than sorry.

7. STICK WITH THE GROUP AT ALL TIMES – Never ever leave your group. Remember: there’s always creepy people out there you don’t know. Especially if you are watching the kid. Never take your eyes of your kid.

8. ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS – We know that there’s going to be a lot of people around, but it is always good to be aware what’s around you to be able to react right away in whatever situation’s going to happen.

9. BRING SOME EMERGENCY KIT – While you are having fun, it is always nice to always prepare for the worst. Bring some batteries for the flashlight, band aids, water and cellphone.

10. CHECK THE GOODIES YOU GOT – Candies are always sweet, but not all. Always check what you got. Throw away weird looking candies or open wrappers and for those who are allergic to peanuts. Check if the Candies are good.

Although we are very cautious, but remember – Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the trick or treat while staying safe tonight. Happy Halloween and reserve me some candies!




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