Bud Light Coffin Parade 2013 in San Antonio

Bud Light Coffin Parade 2013

Hi! Last weekend was a double Halloween party. The Comic Convention and the most awaited Halloween event in the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. That is “The Bud Light Coffin Parade”. It was held last October 27, 2013 at the San Antonio River walk. All San Antonian and the tourists gathered together to see the floating coffins in the barges all over the River Walk. And with the people wearing different spectacular costumes entertained the people. The parade runs 2 hours from 6pm – 8pm. Ofcourse, it would be more fun if it was dark and creepy, but daylights didn’t stop San Antonio residence and tourists from watching this Halloween fun!


Each barges are sponsored by the different companies and associations of San Antonio.

The parade made 2 laps around the River Walk, beginning at the International Building traveling through Restaurant Row, the horseshoe bend, the River Walk Extension, Rivercenter Mall and through Arneson River Theatre. The event was Free to the Public giving the families a weekend day of fun! The Crowd were mix of San Antonio Residence and Tourists that wants to see the entertaining special event. Some of the crowds were also dressed up in their favorites Halloween costumes.


Spooky costumes provide entertainment to the people.

Each barge has also loud musics that gave life to the event as they were approaching the corners. Coffins were also decorated in a most creepy way. The event lasted until night that gave more a creepy effect than the daylight. Although they didn’t give out beads this year, it was still fun seeing this event. I do still wished they gave out candies. lol!


There were 10barges participated for this event.

Honestly, it was more fun last year than this year. There were more excitement. I guess when the people in the barge interact to the crowd it gives it more of an event. Anyway, it was still fun. I got to see this one time year event. The barges were designed more interesting this year which I like. That was my weekend events. What did you do last weekend?

Thank you for reading and come back for more!



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