Alamo City Comic Convention

Alamo City Comic COn

Hey y’all avid comic fans! rather, I say costume fans? Either you’re a comic fan or a costume fan, this event was the best part for me and you. Alamo city held a big comic convention event last October 25, 26 and 27. This was a 3day event of comic selling for the avid comic collectors, meet in person the people behind the comics and also to see the off the screen play of our famous super heroes. Some of the people were also dressed up or shall I say put a very good costumes that made them look like the real characters. It was amazing and I lost of words again!

Captain America

Captain America


Sorry, not a big fan of comics, so I am not sure what’s the name of the other woman.

Wonder Woman

Hubby said the wonder woman here looks like the actress on the wonder woman movie.


Star Wars

The event drew more than 5000 people in the Convention Center of San Antonio Texas. I wasn’t actually there for 3days, but that is based on what I have read on . We were actually supposed to go at Briscoe Art Museum in which they were having an opening. Because of the crazy parking downtown, we didn’t get there on time. Luckily, we have the chance to get into theAlamo City Comic Con. I was so excited when I saw this people. They look exactly like the ones on television. And to think that I have seen the best. This was great! Although, I didn’t have the chance to actually go inside the convention center. I am not really a big fan of comics. Beside, people in costume were outside. I was already more than satisfied when I saw my favorite characters. I was smiling, jumping and dizzzy. I was looking for THOR and where was THOR? – Not only that, they were so nice and very friendly people of America. They were also actually playing like their characters.


These two dudes were sooo cool! I wonder who they are. lol.


Cat Woman aka Mysterious


Another wonder woman. Who do you think rocks the costume better?



There were also tons of kids around the building wanting to see their super heroes. There was this kid. He actually thought that the guy in a batman suit was batman. Oh, It was hilarious. He was so shy to touch him while Batman was giving out stickers to the little kid. Stuff in the mind of the young people. Not to mention, I don’t even want to leave the conventions center since I was looking for THOR. Yes! I am one biggest fan of THOR and I need to see him like he was actually that THOR guy you know. lol! I went all over the place just to find this guy in a THOR costume. I realized the line was like lining up for free stuff. It wasn’t! people are lining up just to get their tickets to go inside the convention. It was already around 4:30pm and the line was still growing. My husband and I went Saturday afternoon. I actually don’t know this event. However, husband had already read about this event going. He wasn’t a comic collector, so he didn’t put it in mind. Yet, he was so amaze how the convention was so cool! I guess the magic of costumes and imaginary super heroes are in young and whatever age’s mind.


I found THOR!


and the ALLIEN creepy costume.

Captain America1

Captain America with his wife 🙂

I also saw this villain Penguin. Here’s the funny story. We were on our way to the Bud Light Coffin Parade and I saw Penguin. I took a photo of him in the Pedestrian. While we were waiting, I ask my hubby ” Baby, is that the guy in the Alice in WOnderland movie?” Hubby just cracked and laughed so hard. He said ” Honey, that’s Penguin. You insulted the guy! He is supposed to be a Villain and you called him the guy in the Alice in Wonderland Movie? That’s a Chick Flick!” and we both cracked even harder. Oh me, just started getting to know some of these characters.


Find Penguin!

That was a great experience. I wished that I brought my Marvel Book. Speaking of that, I drew some of the lady characters. Should I post them? Anyway, this event was really more than a Halloween Costume to me or maybe I could call this a A FANTASTIC Convention. I hope that they’ll be back next year. I will be the first person to be there. How about you? What do you think of this event?

Thank you again for reading and come back for more 🙂



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