Halloween Costume Ideas Compilation

Halloween Costume Ideas Compilation

Hey Ladies and Gents! Are you excited for the Halloween? I bet Americans are excited for this season and some other countries that celebrate Halloween. Philippines, on the other hand, has another way of celebrating this day or shall I say, commemorating the spirits of our loved one in the cemetery. Yes! Have you ever see a party in the cemetery? Spencers question in Pretty Little Liars show. Hey Spencer! Visit Philippines and you’ll see that we party on top of the graveyard. Actually, not a party like that, rather we pray for the souls of the loved ones who already passed away. That’s how we celebrate in Philippines. However, America is different. Costumes, candies, party and trick or treat is their way of celebrating this season. Internet and shows are also invaded with scary shows and photos. So, have you decided yet what are you going to be on Halloween? I know.. me too! I haven’t really had a costume party, but I am interested to have a costume on my own. I find it new and very interesting for me to do such that is why I keep looking for some ideas. Hence, there is too many ideas now that confuse me which one I should be. And you! You might still be confuse of what to wear and it’s going to be next week y’all. Perhaps, the party will be this weekend? I found this easy DIY’s Halloween costume ideas that I compiled. Here it is.

Links are attached on the photo. CLICK ON THE PICTURE!

despicable me  The Despicable Me

LumpsLumpy Space Princess

flappergirl  Flapper Girl

Pinup  Pin up Sailor


red riding hood  Red Riding Hood

Screenshot_2013-10-24-20-21-00(1)   Fashion Inspired (3 ideas)

Screenshot_2013-10-24-20-20-12   Katty Perry ( Roar )

Screenshot_2013-10-24-20-14-23  Khalesi (Game of Throne) 

Screenshot_2013-10-24-20-13-35  Cleopatra

Screenshot_2013-10-24-20-17-38  White Swan

Screenshot_2013-10-24-20-12-20  Leopard

Screenshot_2013-10-24-20-10-56  Pikachu

Screenshot_2013-10-24-20-08-48  Cute Deer

I am not into scary costumes. That is why you don’t see any scary stuff here. I love all these cute costume ideas, but I can only wear one.Guess which costume I will be wearing ? I hope that I show you some of these ideas credits from respected owners of the videos. And, I hope it is not too late to show you these. If you do check any of these, please comment down below or tell them that I showed you their amazing Halloween ideas.






19 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas Compilation

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