Pirates Landing at South Padre Island

Pirates Landing at South Padre Island

Yehey! I finally remember about this. I told you in my last post – South Padre Island – that I am going to write a post about this best Pirate place in South Padre Island. I guess, Alzheimer kicked in and forget about this. Haha! No no. I don’t have Alzheimer. It’s just way of saying that I am kind of forgetful and has this manana habit? Anyway, you can relate to whatever I am going to say if you have been to South Padre and if not? For sure you will have a great time when you visit this place. Pirates Landing is the very first restaurant you will see before you cross the beautiful bridge of South Padre. With it’s very catching theme, that is the pirate, makes you want to go and eat in this place. Good job huh? Although, the place does looks intimidating knowing you’re a vacationers and you are on a budget when it comes to meal. Worry not! This place is very affordable, cheap and worth every penny to spent for a meal. We were actually shock how affordable it is considering it is a restaurant on the beach. Oh yes! It is along the beach side. You can breathe the fresh, beach smell, wet breeze of the beach. This place to me is a 5 star. Accommodation was great and very friendly people. There is also a tower near this place where after dinner you can invite your kids to a picnic movie. When we were there, they showed Scoobie Doo. We didn’t watch though, but sure we enjoyed the place.

Pirates landingPirates Landing at South Padre Island

The place has cool pirates statues and sea-related stuff everywhere that give the place a pirate land feeling. Thus really define the name of the place itself. The place is packed with tourist and residence waiting to be seated, but that was not a problem to us at all. The place is so cool to just walk around the bridge and check out the fish and different species that is naturally leaving on the water. Ofcourse, picture-taking! If ever you come to this place, don’t ever forget to sit down with this big oh on leg pirates. He’s friendly by the way. lol!

Pirates Landing6

Inside the restaurant.

Pirates Landing4

Breaded Shrimp with waffle fries – Best Shrimp ever!

Pirates Landing5

Complimentary Biscuit as appetizers

Now, let’s talk about the food! Hubby and I decided to get some seafood. We gotta take advantage that we were near the ocean you know. We were sure whatever they serve us, it will be fresh from the sea. I was having a hard time ordering though, since I know my husband doesn’t really eat any seafood. Also, I was so full from the sandwich I ate. Surprisingly, my husband ordered the Breaded Shrimp. We were so happy to get this. It was the best shrimp that we ever tasted! It was crunchy, tasty and shrimpy taste. As a matter of fact, we went back on our last day and ordered our own baskets. It was a shrimp heaven and very unforgettable shrimp taste. I wish that we have one of these in San Antonio. Definitely will be here the next vacation. Oh, They served us a complimentary Biscuit before they serve the actual meal. Prepare for a floating heaven taste of these. Oh my goodness! I ate 5 of these by myself and I am not guilty at all! I love them so as my husband. I even asked the waitress to get us some more. Unfortunately, they don’t serve this unlimited. They used to do that. I guess, people love it so much that they can’t afford to give it all away. However, she secretly gave us two of these. She probably knew that we weren’t from that place. I was so happy. Thank you to that girl and you know who you are. I wonder if they have a recipe online. I hope so!

Pirates Landing2Our last day of visit!

I had such a great time in this restaurant. Food and place is perfect! I definitely highly recommend this place. Just be careful though, you might get hooked to their food. It was so good! In fact, I am craving for some right now. Have you been to this place? For the residence of South Padre, you are all so lucky. Yey, We want to go there every year. Well, not next year or maybe we will. lol! What’s your favorite meal on their Pirates Landing menu? Comment it down below so I could try it next time.

Thank you so much for reading and ’till my next post. HAPPY WEEKEND!



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