Different Uses of OATMEAL


There are many countless ways to use Oats. From Face to anything. Most of us have a stock of oats in our pantry. Unsurprisingly, it has been there and has not been touch at all, except as our breakfast go to. I know how you feel. You don’t want to eat oats every morning, yet you do love oatmeal once in a while. But did you know you can use your oatmeal in different ways you didn’t expect? OATS is considered as a very healthful food. It is rich in fiber, protein and many more that gives lots of benefits. In this topic, let me share to you the different uses of oatmeal from my kitchen to my beauty routines.

1. FACE MASK – Oats has a cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing properties that makes the skin feel soft, smooth, healthy and radiant. To prepare for a face mask – read my OATMEAL MASK FOR SOFT GLOWY SKIN.  It is very simple and easy at the same time very cheap and effective. Try it for yourself. You’ll never want to buy expensive beauty mask no more.

2. ACNE/RASH TREATMENT – Oats has been proven to treat any skin rashes and acne by using it as a cleanser to your face. Because of its natural ingredients, it cures irritated and dry skin. Substitute your everyday cleanser with an oatmeal. Get a tablespoon of oatmeal and put it in your hand. Grasp it and run the water on the whole of your hand to make the Oatmeal wet. Then, apply to your face as a facial scrub. Repeat it everyday and your rash or acne will be gone in no time.

3. NATURAL CLEANSER – Oats contain natural cleansers. It removes dirt and oil from the pores without causing irritation, thus leaving behind soft and silky skin as well as reducing pore size. Grind the oats and put it in a bottle with water. Store it in the fridge. Use it by pouring an amount of oat milk in a cotton ball. Apply gently on the face.

4. DIET HELPER – because OATS is rich in fiber which is good for its ability to prevent or relieve constipation and maintain weight. Most of us don’t eat that much fiber everyday. Make this as your breakfast meal mix with your favorite fruits and milk.

5. BODY SCRUB – It has been proven how oatmeals can make the skin soft and glowy by making it as a body scrub. Take half a gallon of water and pour into the bucket. Mix a quarter gallon of oats and stir until all the oats are wet. Scrub the body with oats and leave for at least 5 minutes. Instantly, you will see the difference. It will moisturize your skin leaving it soft and glow. OR, you could soak up in your tub to pamper yourself. Add 3 cups of oatmeal, 1 1/2 cup of milk and 2 tbsp of honey in your luke warm water and tadah! Relax and Enjoy!

6. DRY SHAMPOO – Don’t have time to go to the store and in a hurry? Oatmeal can be use as dry shampoo. It has its ability to absorb oil, because it is starchy. Take a quarter cup of oatmeal and put it in your food processor. Then, use it as your dry shampoo.

7. HAIR MASK – Some people has been experimenting on making it as a hair mask and most of them says that it is really good. Put 2 tbsp of oats in a mixing bowl. Add 2 tbsp of milk and 1 tsp of honey. Mix very well and apply it to the hair. I know it’s messy, but some says it is very effective. Try it!

8. NEUTRALIZE ODOR – Hate that refrigerator smell? Oatmeal is also like baking soda that catches odor making the place odorless. Put at least a little cup of oats in your fridge and leave it open.

9. ENERGY BOOSTER – No energy for running or workout in the morning? Don’t waste your money on energy booster drinks instead eat oatmeal. It will help boost your endurance and not only that, it will help burn fats faster.

10. HEALTHY INGREDIENTS – Don’t just make your simple cookie or bread. Add up the oats. Not only it taste way better, but also it gives a very good health benefits. I have recipe for cookies and I’ll post it next time. Stay tuned!

That’s it! Those are just easy and cheap substitute to your everyday routines, right? Yet it is very beneficial and effective. Next time, think of this uses before throwing away your old OATMEAL. Why not use it for your skin or for your fridge instead of wasting away. Hey! Not only you save your dollar it also enhances your creativity. How about you? What’s your Oatmeal uses?

Thank you for visiting. See you again on my next post!



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