San Antonio Zoo – REAL. Wild ! LIFE.


Do you love animals? I do. Well, not really for me to take care inside our house. I am so negligent that I don’t want to make any animal suffer on my hands. I do love seeing them. There was one time in my younger years that we had a puppy. My parents would always worry all the time thinking that the puppy will bite us. We end up giving the puppy away. It was sad in our part, but that was the best for him. So, hubby and I love the zoo for many reasons. First of all, who doesn’t love the zoo? There are lots of exotic animals that I don’t think you will ever see randomly on the street. I never even thought I would see a real elephant in my entire life. It’s funny! We have zoo in the Philippines, but I never really went to see that place. Luckily, my husband took me to this zoo that I enjoyed so much. It amazes me how different animals are so special in their own ways.

SAZOO11Admission for children under 2 is FREE, Children 3-11 is $9.50, Adults $12.00

SAZOO12Open 365 days a year at 9:00 a.m.

SAZOO13'The Zoo houses over 9,000 animals of 750 species

The San Antonio Zoo is established in 1914. It’s almost a 100years old. WOW! The SA ZOO is a non-profit organization dedicated  for the highest standard care for animals. This is one of the first “cageless” zoos in the United States. You really can see them like you were just hunting for animals. They are that open, which is a very comfortable living for the animals. The zoo spans to 56 acres and the 35 acres is used for public ways and recreation. They have 9000 animals of 750 species inside the zoo. Yes! They have that variety of different kind animals from the sea animals to the flying animals, which is very educational for the kids. Also, this is the only zoo that has a separate zoo area for kids 5 and under. It is not only for us to enjoy, but for the whole family as well. Kids even have playground where they can play and enjoy the different friendly animals.

SAZOO1My first time to see an Elephant!

SAZOO2That’s how big their cage.

SAZOO4Just for kids stuff! Hey, I fit in here 😛

SAZOO3This is the Kangaroo cage. It looks like a deserted place which is the habitat of the Kangaroos.

This place has been visited by millions of guests from different places every year and still been growing until now. Tourist can really feel the wild life of the animals, because each cage has its own conceptualized design according to the animal’s habitat. Some of the animals are really up close that you can play with them. Birds are also everywhere flying in its wide open cage. Just be very careful not to be pooped on. They are all over the place and you know what I mean.


SA ZOO received numerous awards for captive propagation and participated in over 230 endangered species programs. Hope you can see the snake on the back!

SAZOO5I already forgot what’s the name of that animal he was pointing to.

SAZOO10I hope you can see that adorable animal on the back. I have never seen those kind before.

SAZOO9This is his MOST FAVORITE animal in the zoo – Okapi

SAZOO8And this is OUR FAVORITE of all the animals – hippopotamus

SAZOO7We always go straight to this cage whenever we visit SAZOO to see this hug-able animal.

We spent few hours walking around the zoo and it was really interesting for me. Though, the place is large but it’s clean, friendly, easy to navigate and easy to see the animals. The stuffs are very nice as well and you really can see how well they take care of the animals. I had a lot of fun seeing them for the first time and taking pictures of them with us too. Hubby is from here and has been to the zoo before. As he says, it changed a lot since the last time he visited the place. There were more animals and more interesting kind than what they have before. We enjoyed ourselves especially discovering new animals. It is nice to know that there is a ZOO that takes care of these animals. At least, they have home especially for the endangered species.

SA ZooThis was our second time to visit the place.


P.S. Thank you to the sweetest friend ever who works in the zoo 🙂

This is really a recreational place where the whole family can spend the whole day and enjoy the place. They have a picnic place where you can rest with your kids in a shady area at the same time they can play on the grass. I am just not sure if you can bring picnic basket inside. They also offer a season pass for the whole family.  However, for the guest and tourists, they can buy tickets up front. We plan on going back there again. Most especially now that the weather is cool.

How about you? When are you planning on visiting San Antonio Zoo?



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