REVIEW – Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo Review

This is my very first dry shampoo ever. I was at our local store and just you know looking around. I wasn’t really into dry shampoo stuff, but I have seen a lot of YouTube gurus use them. Figures! They are really very influential in whatever they use. Anyway, I was captured by the packaging of this Dry Shampoo. You got to admit. It has a cool design and a sleek bottle. The color green gives it the idea that this must be very refreshing dry shampoo. Honestly, I don’t like starting my day not taking a shower. It gives me a heavy feeling on my head, but in this country time is precious. So, I start learning how to do that. I have used this 5times for the past few months already. Here’s what I thought of it:

GOOD – It has a very nice capturing packaging. The sleek bottle design makes it easier to grip on when applying. It squirt a very good amount of product to your hair, that doesn’t give a wet feeling on hair. You know some spray products make our hair wet.  It also doesn’t give a very heavy feeling on the head at the same time it’s easy to massage on the scalp. It does absorb oil on the roots and doesn’t give white residue on my hair. The price is $8.00. It is very reasonable for this one bottle.

BAD – The smell of this product doesn’t give justice on what it looks like. They should have give a fresh scent on this, since it is a hair product and you know. Women loves their hair smelling good. Some loves the smell of this product. I guess, it depends on preference.  I don’t like that the smell gives me an uncomfortable feeling. It smells like I haven’t showered for days which it was only my 2nd day hair.. Is that how it really supposed to smell? And, my hair really felt dry, rough and stiff while my scalp felt dry and itchy. It does not give a fresh feeling at all leaving my hair flat and no volume. It does absorbs oil that leaves the hair too dry. It is maybe because my hair is not very oily. This one doesn’t work for my hair.

Would I repurchase? – No. I wouldn’t repurchase this product for the reason it doesn’t work for me. I love the packaging though and the bottle is easy to hold. Have you tried the “Not your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo”? Tell me your experience or give me the link of your review. I use this sometimes whenever I am in a hurry/I need it so badly for the purpose of absorbing the oil in my hair. It works for that, but I pony tail my hair or make a bun, because it doesn’t work to just leave it loose. Hey! Never waste a dollar for me 😉

 Do you have any Dry Shampoo recommendation for my next purchase?



5 thoughts on “REVIEW – Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

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