Henry’s Puffy Tacos of San Antonio

PuffyTacosClick on the photo for their Henry Puffy Tacos website and menus.

Did you know it’s Hispanic Heritage month? Well, in honor for this month’s celebration, I wanna introduce to you the Henry Puffy Tacos Cantina. A place where best Puffy Tacos are made. Have you been to this place? If you haven’t well, I am here to tell you how is it like to be in this place.

First of all, you got to be very adventurous to try new foods. Mexicans ingredients are kind of exotic in a sense, if you are not use to it then you’ll not going to love it. Anyway, Henry Puffy Tacos is located at Bandera Road San Antonio. This Cantina serves a variety of Tex-Mex food that surely will satisfy every inch of your taste buds. Have you heard of Puffy Tacos? Henry Puffy Taco specialty is their famous Puffy Tacos as you can see by their name. They also serve soup and salad for the dieters out there. OK! We went to this place many times already and this is one of my hubby’s favorite places when it comes to Tex-Mex foods. I also love this place for the atmosphere really felt like fiesta all the time. As you first arrive you will bump into people lining up to be seated. Yes, that’s how popular it is. It sometimes take 30 minutes to be seated. Oh, I know what you’re thinking. You’ll be surprise how time flies by in this place for you will be amaze looking at the pictures and people that come in. I tell you, people are interesting. Another thing, they have a Mariachi singing on different table that gives this place a life.

PuffyTaco5Thank you to the waitress who took this photo πŸ™‚

PuffyTaco9That’s what their menu looks like and the inside.

As soon as you get in, waiter and waitresses are so kind and sweet. Don’t worry if its your first time here, because they will explain it to you one by one. They start of by serving us this crispy chips with their special sauce. I don’t know if it’s really special, but sure is good! It’s spicy and saucy enough to be eating that one basket of chips alone. Some people say that the chips are not that awesome, but I wasn’t after with the chips. The sauce is incredibly yummy.


Now, the main course! Did I mention to you that I am a picky eater? On my recent post, ( How I adjusted myself in another country ) I told you that I adjusted very well with their ingredients and now I crave for their specialties. There is an option in their menu of creating your own plate. I always love love to get their cheese enchilada and Carne Guisada Puffy Tacos with re fried beans and Spanish rice. This plate is the best and one of my favorites when it comes to TexMex food. I love how crispy the Puffy Taco is, at the same time the meat inside is juicy, tender and flavorful. Just be prepare of getting a lot of tissue, because this for sure will drip down to your elbows. That’s how juicy it is. They are just an awesome creation of food. Thanks to whoever is behind the kitchen. My hubby ,on the other hand, love his Picadillo Puffy Tacos with cheese. When you say Puffy Tacos, he only has one place in mind.

PuffyTaco4Cheese Enchilada and Carne Guisada Puffy Tacos with Re-fried Beans and Spanish Rice

PuffyTaco1Picadillo Puffy Tacos with Spanish Rice and Re-fried Beans

PuffyTaco8Flauta Dessert

I haven’t really tried the other meals they have, but I heard a lot of good things about this place. Also, with a rating of 4.5 star? That’s a pretty good reviews. Although, there was one time that they serve us saggy and not crispy tacos. I guess, they don’t serve consistently. They do exchange it if you say something to the server. After all, they are going for your business, right? They also give out free dessert on your birthday. However, I was disappointed, because it was my hubby’s birthday and I was expecting them to sing for him just like any other TexMex Restaurant. Oh well, at least we got our free dessert that taste deliecious! I am planning on making this myself. Do you have any recipe to recommend for that? Comment it down below. I would appreciate it πŸ™‚


That’s his goofy pose.

PuffyTaco7Outside looks ok, but I love how they put the palm tress around to give it a Mexico feel.

PuffyTaco10Don’t forget to take a picture here if you love Puffy tacos.

That’s our Henry Puffy tacos experience. What’s yours?



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