Your Guide on how to be a Beauty Queen ?


Whether it is your dream to be a beauty queen or you were forced to do so, you need to know the tips and secrets on how to be a beauty queen. Giving yourself a full knowledge on what it takes to be part of this contest is a very good preparation to take this challenge. Being a beauty queen is not just as simple as sugar and spice, but it is a lot of hard-work in order to look an idolized perfect woman on stage. If you have never been on a pageant before, perhaps you are just looking for more tips, this is a good guide for you to start your dreams in a competitive world of beauty.

1. LEARN HOW TO WALK IN HEELS – This is the most common problem for the first timer beauty queen and even for the veterans. Heels is the most essential tools in the beauty pageant industry. Learn how to walk in them by wearing heels everyday until you adjust on balancing the height to your body movement.  As you observe, most candidates needs to show off by walking in a very unique and graceful way ramp. Practice your catwalk by dancing with the music as you walk with your heels, at the same time balancing the level of your shoulders and head. Walk as if you walk with the music. Shoulders should be level and chin should be up with a smile on your face. Learn to control your body and balance your posture.

BEAUTY QUEEN82. GOOD POSTURE – Being a beauty queen is always a good model of a perfect woman. Now, not saying everyone is perfect but it shows a good example of how a woman should be. A good posture emphasize your natural curves which is an important thing to do in a beauty pageant. By doing number 1, learn how to stand straight, butt out, shoulder level and chin up at the same time. Some of the first timers have a hard time giving a good poise in a designated area of posing. One of the problem is the balance with the heels and the posture. Practice how to do this trick by walking around the four corners of your house while giving a stop on a corner and pause. Balancing is the trick to this. Stand with your one leg and point the other foot forward. Put all the control on one leg at the same time balancing both shoulders to prevent from falling. Practice also walking while giving every single corner of the audience a glance and smile most especially the judges side. In this way, you are directly interacting with the people who are watching you.


3. EAT A HEALTHY DIET – All no.1 & 2 will be useless if you don’t give yourself a healthy diet. Whether we like it or not, pageant represents skinny girls and specific heights. Some doesn’t require height, but they do portray skinny women. Warning! Never ever starve yourself. Eat by portions and see eating healthy guide. It is important that you are healthy inside for it will reflect on the outside most especially on your skin. Always have water on hand and something to chew on. Never starve yourself for this will cause mental block which is very important for you to answer the Q&A portion. Prepare your body for the big event by exercising and eating good healthy meals.

4. GOOD GROOMING – Beauty pageant contest means good appearance. Just like how your body look, you also need to take care of your face. Pamper your self to get a flawless and smooth skin. Once again to achieve this is to eat healthy and drink lots of water. Always have an emergency make up kit to prepare for any events that you will be guesting at. Most especially during your photo shoots. Always gives the best of your physical self to capture the attention of the judges.


5. PREPARE ALL THE NECESSARY THINGS YOU NEED – Now, this part is supposed to be in your handlers job, but it is also important to always check if all this things are ready. As a candidate, it is important that all the costume or clothes fits your body well and there will be no problem for the big day. One of the problems of the candidates with the costume is they are not comfortable wearing them in public. Make sure that what you are going to wear suits you and your comfortable with it to be able to perform yourself very well.

6. MASTER YOUR TALENT – Master on what your good at! Dancing, singing, speech or magic tricks are one of the talent your could show, but always remember. They wanna see the most unique talent they could ever see. Choose a talent that will capture the eyes of the judges at the same time a talent that you are very good at. Hire somebody to enhance your skills.

7. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR Q&A – Beauty pageant doesn’t only represent beauty, but its a whole package kind of beauty. It is face, body, talent and brain. No matter how prepare and beautiful you are, if you stumble on a Q&A, you’ll not gonna snug the crown. A queen is selected through a brain contest. Prepare yourself by being aware on what’s new in the surrounding. Most of the questions are always about what’s going on around us like environment, politics, nation and world. Give yourself a good knowledge about this thing.. Also, learn the pattern of answering questions like a start of greeting every audience ” Good evening to … ” or end your answer by saying” I do believe …… ” or ” I strongly believe in a saying … ”  One of a very helpful tip is by watching and reading the answers of the past beauty queens. Watch and learn carefully the tricks and tips on how they answer their question. Memorize some good inspiring sayings and motto. These are going to be your bullets in every answer.


8. BE CONFIDENT – No confidence then you don’t win. All of this things your learn will be put together through your level of confidence. Most of the candidates doesn’t really have that much confidence, yet they learned how to fake it by just believing on themselves. Give your heart on the contest. That’s the number 1 thing you need for this beauty world. If you don’t have the desire then you also don’t have the confidence. Believe in yourself and most of all have fun out there. Whether you got the crown or not, the most important is you are a true beauty queen in heart!

9. BE YOURSELF – There is no best advice than anything else, but Be Yourself. You are going to be judge for who you are. I am not saying simply who you are, but you shine for who you are. I hope you understand what I am saying. Don’t try to be somebody else, because your uniqueness is the thing that will make you win.


10. RELAX. ENJOY and GO WITH THE FLOW – On the day, don’t worry about anything. If you are all prepare, things will just go in its natural flow. Enjoy the night and be proud to be part of a beauty world. Believe that you are unique and beautiful than the rest. Give your best forth and give everyone your best smile.

There is nobody can prepare you, but yourself. Being a beauty queen is a lot of fun not only you will learn to build up your confidence. This also help defines your character and personality, because unique personality is the key to this competition. However, this all can be achieved by discipline, perseverance, dedication and passion.


P.S. Meet my sister 😉 The girl in the middle.

BeautyqueenThis was during my competition and “I won Miss Bae Tagbina 2010”

Be Yourself. Be Confident. Be Beautiful.

Good luck!



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