Awesome Things Today – “It’s more FUN in Surigao Del Sur, Philippines”

Awesome Things Today!

What can I say? Life is full of Awesomeness. I feel so good and better now. I can’t imagine how much I appreciate of feeling better today. It’s awesome because I just ate soup and tadah! All my sickness away. Oh, I felt like I am alive again. Thank you! In my another ATT blog, I like to share this video of my hometown’s best tourist spots. I couldn’t be more proud of my place. It’s more fun over there and you’ll find out by clicking that photo above. The video link is attached on that picture. It’s mega super awesome. You gotta check it out! These are the many things, that I love about my country. We love to be connected to nature for the obvious reason. We are surrounded by beautiful and amazing natures. Most of the time, we neglect to pay attention to what’s around on the place we live in. Guess what? It’s pretty awesome that a group of people created this video to show what’s the other part of the world is missing. Prepare to grasp your breath to be amazed and your savings, so we can all visit soon. Now, I can’t wait to visit my place and hug all these beautiful places. The best of all awesomeness is they are all free!

That’s it for Awesome Things Today!

What’s yours?




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