Lucky Duck Race and Concert at San Antonio River Walk


Did you go to the Lucky Duck Race and Concert? On September 5, 2013 at 3pm – 6pm held the 4th Annual Ford Duck Race and Concert at the River Walk San Antonio.  It’s a fund-raising event and the proceeds benefit the “Hire Haven” Job Training program at Haven for Hope, a transformational homeless campus in downtown San Antonio.  There were more than 20000 rubber ducks race down the river. You can have your own duck by adopting one at a cost of  $5 each. As I say, the money will go to their proceeds which is a very good way of raising money at the same time gave enjoyment to the people. They also give out prices for the Lucky ducks winner. I am not sure with the rest of the prizes, but the first prize was the Ford Fiesta car. Were you there last Saturday? I hope you did. Most especially if you adopt a duck. You’ll be jumping and howling hoping that your duck will win. Not only that, it was nice to know that we also contributed to that proceeds for Blue Haven. It doesn’t matter if we won or not. As long as we know that we helped and contributed, that was the only purpose we have. It was so much fun. Saturday was a beautiful day. They have a live band which lead by very young talented bands. They really gave life to the event. And, as always they were very organized.


I was surprised that there were only few people who went to see the race. I was expecting tons of people. As you can see, that yellow bird was also there in the event. I wonder how hot it is inside that thing? Anyway, this was our first time to be part of this event. It was a good experience at the same time I have discovered something about this event. I was disappointed how this event turn out, but it was OK,. I got my excitement out of it. Well, I thought it was only me who thought that. Some people did too. lol! We will probably just watch next year and cheer for the ducks. It was funny how ducks struggle to race down the finish line. I was really cheering for my ducks. The man behind us was so funny.  Overall experience was really fun and exciting. The people were so excited as well cheering for their own adopted ducks. Hopefully, next year will be an even more good experience.

LuckyDuckRace3This is how the duck races to the finish line.

This ducks were all gathered in a big bin as you can see in the photo before releasing it into the river. More than 20000 ducks were race down for this event. With the help  of San Antonio fireman, they spray its host to make the water flow faster. It didn’t take long for the ducks to finish the race. The duck race started exactly 5pm. They started the race with their big ducks which are own by the sponsors who donated thousands for this event, They also have a separate set of prizes for that category. Then followed by the little ducklings that excites the crowd. The winners were announced right away after the race.


This is the first prize Ford Fiesta Car.

Yap! that was my experienced. I am sorry for posting so late. I am sick for 2 days now and hopefully I will be feeling OK. And, as always! Thank you so much for reading my little blog. You all always make my day! If you have events that you will be going to this year, please let me know. Hubby and I will be happy to be part of that event.

Next up, Coffins Bud Light Parade! See you there..



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