Spooky October and the Giant scary looking man!

Spooky October!

It’s October y’all! Weather is so good already. I am so ready to decorate for Christmas. Ooops, I’m sorry. There is still Halloween. Honestly, I don’t really give emphasis on this celebration or whatever you call it, because we don’t really do this kind of stuff in the Philippines. But hey! I am in America now, so I got to adapt on what they do in here. Sad to say though, that I have never ever had a Halloween Costume party. Can you invite me to your Spectacular Halloween COSTUME Party? Now, if they count that last Halloween Costume party where supposedly everyone were wearing costume. I am sorry! I don’t consider it as Halloween Costume Party when the costumes they wore were under their comfort zone. I think ,when you say Costume Party, it should be all out. Everyone should be wearing an extravagant costume where we couldn’t almost tell that it is you. You know what I mean? That is my perception of a Halloween Costume Party. Speaking of Halloween, this is supposed to be the month where all the scary movies will be shown. Nah.. like I would watch them by myself or even if I am with my hubby, I wouldn’t watch any of those anymore. I used to be a fan of those thing until I have seen horror things. Horror like extra ordinary that I myself couldn’t believe I saw it. This is a story that I would share. This is a real story.

I used to love going out with my aunt at night. She has always been a temptation to me, since I was young. Temptation in a way that she always loved me to be part of her crazy adventures. Hence, we always get belted by my grandparents which is her parents. We are only 5  years apart, so we are very close. She is the youngest of the family and I am the first niece that she has. I was a baby sister to her. Well, that’s what I thought I am even though she had always bullied me. I realized that I wasn’t the only victim. The rest of her niece and nephew was bullied by her. lol! Anyway, she also have a cousin with her, also loves to be part of her tricks, which was also the same age as her. I was about 12 years old at the time this happened. It was so clear on my mind until now what I saw on that night. It was a Fiesta night on our village where the officials always have a disco party for the people. Now, this party would last until 3 in the morning and people were normally drunk at this hour. During that moment, my aunt and my other aunt were just walking around at this Village. They were teens at the time. You know what this teens do. They look for friends and love to do adventures. They went to their old dark elementary school. We were once told that this infrastructure has some unexplained things happened. My aunt was a brave teenage girl and still is. I mean, she is still a brave woman not a teenager. She love to explore things, so she can prove it real or not. So, there we went inside the campus. It was dark, no light and scary. It was exactly midnight. My aunt and her cousin were both shouting for the name they were calling. I was scared for the reason of there were obviously no one in there, but just the 3 of us. We were just even 10 feet away from the gate. It already felt like we can’t get out of that school. There were benches around the path we were standing in. We looked around and trying to open our eyes so widely. We don’t have any flash lights and the only lighting we have , was the full moon. As we were glimpsing on the different corners of the front school, I saw a shadow. A big shadow! It was hard to see and my aunt thought they were couples trying to make out in the dark. They went closer while I was left unmoved in my position staring at the shadow. As I stare so clearly, OH MY GOD! It was a giant man with hairy skin seating on a bench holding a big cigarette!!! My two aunt went screaming and running at the same time almost leaving me. Their screaming and shouting have waken some people up on our village. My grandma ran into the place where we at. The school was just right across my grandparents house, so it was easy for them to run to us. Grandma was nervous as she approached me looking pale, scared and shaking. My aunt asked me a thousand times if I have seen what they saw in there. I was speechless and scared that I couldn’t explain to her what I saw. It was clear, yet unbelievable. A giant hairy man seating on a bench with a cigarette on his hand. We call them “Kapre” in the Philippines. They are this unrested bad spirit that if they catch you then they will have you captive forever. I know this may sound unreal,even at this day. I remember so clear. The people in that village have talked about that “Kapre” and some said that they have seen it before. It has been a story on that village while to us, it became a reality.

These are one of my scary experiences that result me not to watch horror movies anymore. I have this problem where I couldn’t take that off my mind. It has affect me for so long. However, by the help of my ever-loving parents, I got over it. I thought that I would share it here. Hey! It’s October and it’s time for horror adventures. What are the things you love in October? Our neighbors have started decorating their yard already. This is one of the things that I get excited about October. I get to see some of the scary decorations from different houses of different neighborhood. Also, I get excited for the Trick or Treating. Hubby had asked me if I had experience Trick or Treating already. Like I said, we don’t have this kind of thing in the Philippines. He always joke around that he would get me a costume and  take me to trick or treat. He said that they will never notice that I am overage for that, since I look so small and petite. Hey, he make sense! Maybe, I will do that this year. hahaha.. So, what are your scary experiences?




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