Best Beauty Uses of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly Use

All of us know about this product and yet, we only have limited knowledge on how to use this. This product was first introduced to me by my mother. Oh yeah, what do we expect? Moms are just always ahead of beauty products. Ask them about any beauty related and they’ll tell you exactly what you need to get. That’s my mom. Petroleum Jellies, back then, were fragrance free. Now, you can choose different kinds of Petroleum Jelly, that gives a good fragrances. My mom had told me that this is for dry skin use only. It was effective and still is. As were growing up, we found out that this  thing has many uses in things we didn’t expect. It’s not because it is written at the back of this product. Instead, we found out by running out of particular products. It just need a good common sense sometimes or maybe creativity. So today lovelies, I will share with you the different tricks and uses I did for this Petroleum Jelly. It did work, most especially for college students who are on the budget.

1. As Hair gel – Have you run out of your hair gel or oil for your pony tail fly aways? No worries. This is going to be your best friend for that. Take a tiny bit of petroleum jelly and mix with a little bit of water in your hand. Rub your hands together, then apply on you hair. Tadah! Goodbye to those sticking out hairs.

2. Hair style holder – Though this is kind of heavy for the hair, but it does work for holding your hairstyle. Hey, it’s handy when you don’t have your hair spray. Apply it before styling hair especially for curls. It does hold for a long period of time, but be very careful on the amount of product you put.

3. Brow gel – You are putting make up on and realized you run out of eyebrow gel. This is also a best alternative. Take a bit of jelly on a cotton bud and roll it on two fingers until the jelly is evenly distributed. Brush this to your eyebrows in the style you  desire.

4. Stubborn Make up eraser – By using a make up remover wipe with jelly, rub gently on the stubborn make up area especially on your stubborn eyeliner.

5. Lip Balm – Hey! who doesn’t know about this? It’s cheap and very effective lip moisturizer. You can even make your own lip balm with flavors by using Kohl-aid juice.

6. Fake Lashes Remover – Who hates taking that fake lashes off? I do. It hurts on the eye and sometimes I have trouble taking it off. My solution is this by using a cotton bud with a little bit of jelly. Glide it on the lashes area while slowly pulling the fake one of.

7. Hand Moisturizer – My high school classmate had wonder why my hands are soft and smooth. Now, I am telling you the secret. Use this at  least twice a week at night. You don’t wanna be having a sweaty hand all day. Then, wake up to a smooth and soft hand.

8. Cuticle Oil – oh yeah! Who would have thought that your don’t need to spend extra to make your cuticle look good. Especially when you are in a rush? Use this handy-dandy product and massage it around each of your finger nails. You will incredibly have an instant healthy looking nails.

9. Dry Elbow lotion – I know how you feel about this. I do too and has been suffering for so long. Well, this one is a very good solution to that by rubbing your elbows with this product. It will make the dry and cracked elbows which is unpleasant to see. The white dry-looking elbows are gone.

10. Dark Scar lightening – Hated that old dark scar? I had a dark scar from scratching really bad. You no how they get.  I tried using it for my old scar. Hey, it does work. Not only it faded away, but also it flattens the scar. Now, you can barely even notice it.

11. Dark&White Knee Cure – I hear you! That can be very embarrassing, especially when you’re wearing a short dress. Luckily, this product is here. Massage this on your knees every night and it will make the knees looking soft, not ashy and dry!

12. Ant/Mosquito BITE – Do you hate that darken bumped skin from the ant bite. Well, this thing will help lighten it up fast. Apply it in the bite, before you leave in the morning and at night.

13. Dry Toe cuticle Oil – Pedicure makes our feet looking healthy and clean, but what happens after a couple of days? Dry and chapped. Take a some petroleum jelly in a cotton buds and simply apply this on the skin around the toe nails. This will give you an instant moisturized beautiful toes. I PROMISE! I do this every time.

14. Moisturizer for bumps on the butt cheeks – I know this seems funny, but some of us has this. I don’t anymore. The only answer for that is moisturize it by putting petroleum jelly in that area every night. Yeah.. It will be a little sticky, but beauty is pain right?

15. Dry Feet Moisturizer – Take a good amount of jelly and rub it on a dry area of your foot (especially at the heel side) at night on at least 2 times a week. Always put on a pair of socks. so your feet will absorb the jelly well. Works all the time and you probably know this.

16. Shoe Shine – Now, is this weird or what? I discovered this since high school. Whenever I go to school, I want my shoe to be shiny. Buying Shoe Polish was expensive, so I thought of using this. It works! Not only it shines it, also it protects it from wet weather. The shoe doesn’t absorb the water well since the shoe is oily. You know water and oil, right?

17. Unstuck zipper – Don’t panic now ladies and gents. Whether it is your bag, dress or shorts, putting this on the zipper will help it glide better. This also protects it from getting rusty.

18. Perfume/Cologne Sticker  – Before spraying your favorite perfumes, apply a little bit of petroleum jelly on the area you love to spray perfume or cologne. By doing this, it will make the fragrance stick to it and make it last longer. Just like magic!

19. Unstuck Jewelry – Most especially the ring. Don’t worry this is safe for your ring. This will not make the ring turn any color. lol! You know what to do now, right?

20. No to extra mess Nail Polish – the right hand side that normally is hard to paint. It always end up messy. Now, I have this solution. I do this all the time especially on my right hand, but be very careful in applying this not to include the nails. You don’t want the paint not to stick in there. Apply this around the nails where the paint usually gets messy.

What do you think? This baby has really invented for the purpose of so many ways. I love it and it’s very helpful in the time I need it. Furthermore, there are still more ways to use this Product. It’s up to your creativity on how to use it. These are just my ways of using it. It works for me and I am amazed by the results of it. It’s cheap and very effective. Hey! What more can you ask? lol!

Lovelies, what are your beauty uses for Petroleum Jelly? Share yours in the comment below.




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