“Let’s go down to the City of San Antonio”

What are the things that you and your hubby do? Tell me about it in the comment down below or maybe, you could email me. I love to hear your stories. For us, we love to walk around the city. We love to watch the activities or anything fun to watch. We also love taking pictures with the big bird! Haha. As you can see with the above photo. This was already the third time that we bump into this yellow bird and of course we took a photo on all those times. We love doing anything as long as we both will have fun. Downtown San Antonio is a good place to walk around and observe people. I can say that is the thing we have in common. That is observing what people do, how they live and their different personality. Maybe, I should become a psychologist or maybe not? Most of the time, I act like I don’t know anything at all. But, ask me something and I could just give an answer like I got it memorize from the book. Hubby sometimes get amazed by it and I do too. I would be like ” What did I just say?”. Anyway, it was a fine weather when we went downtown. We’ve been here la couple of times and I never really get to see every corner of it. This time with a very nice cool weather, I got to check some of the places that I didn’t get the chance to check them. I was incredibly amazed how beautiful San Antonio is. This reminds me of my city back in the Philippines, but a more updated one. The surroundings were so clean. I salute the residence in this place for maintaining its cleanliness. It is good for the tourists to see how they all care about the environment.

downtownAs we walk around the city, my perceptions of the city before has totally changed. I felt like home again or I finally felt that I am home. For the longest time that I stayed here, now I see that this city felt like home to me now. It took me time you know! We sat down on the little bench on the side and watching the people as they were all busy doing their business. I didn’t realize how many hotels they have in this part of the city. They were all seems to be all packed with guests too. I am right! San Antonio is really a good city. People can’t help it. They come to visit this beautiful city and enjoy the atmosphere of the River walk, River mall, The Alamo, The tower of Americas and some others. I have been to all this places. I can see why they love it. The River walk has a different atmosphere of fun. It defines the whole city. Good food, fun people and relaxing place are the best adjective I could use to define  River walk. Now, The Alamo ,which is a historic place, give out a feeling of “Thank you I live in this generation!”. No, no! It’s not really that. Ok. I do feel that way. Reading what really happened in the past open up the eyes of the people. It simply implies how much we should take care and love San Antonio. Just like any other city too! At last the Tower of Americas where you can see the beautiful city of San Antonio. If you are afraid of heights, don’t worry! It’s not going to feel like roller coaster ride. It only feels like you are in an elevator. The only difference is you see it going up. My tip for you is to enjoy the view and appreciate the beauty that will make you forget about your height trauma. It’s fun and don’t ever miss to try it or you’ll regret!


Those are just one of the good places in town. This time, we went to explore each places. We discovered a lot of things about San Antonio. Hubby reminisce his childhood years as well. We went to this little store where they sell different kind of souvenirs. I don’t know about you all, but we love to play on those toys or whatever is in there. They sell recycled stuff that is really interesting. Sure it was fun to be there.We enjoyed looking at different things, especially when my hubby found his little bug. Have you heard of a Jumping Bean? Oh my, I have never seen this little insect or whatever you call this little thing. When hubby heard them jumping, the memory of his childhood has just came rushing through his brain. He remembered the Jumping Bean right away and started looking for them. It was nice! I saw the child side of him. He got so excited over a little thing. I don’t blame him, because it got me so excited as well. They were so cute!

SA big Hats

haha! I can’t believe how big this hat is. Who will use such?

transformerchengThis thing reminds me of Caprica.

So, we move to different stores and found some more incredible stuff. I can’t believe that I missed out checking great things. Oh well, I got the chance now. San Antoni an are so creative in so many ways that it’s not going to fit here if I enumerate everything. All I can say is that, everything made me amazed or I was just too innocent that I haven’t explore the world much? Even if I am, everything was made geniusly that I can’t figure out how they did that. One of the example was the running faucet. Oh, it wasn’t just a running faucet, but it was a faucet without a pipe line. It wasn’t even hooked up anywhere. Where did the water come from? If you know, please tell me! I wanna know.


How cool are these things? Can you find the faucet?

The wax people! This creep me out, yet I was so smiley to take a photo. I was excited. I know this people, even though my hubby was in shock to see me so excited like that. He was like ” Calm down! Who are these people?”. Ok. Is the wrestling show only for women? Why don’t he know them? Either way, I still want to get my photos. San Antonio also has a Guinness World Record museum here. You cannot even believe what you will see even if it’s only from the outside. How much more the inside. They also have the Ripley’s Believe it or not museum. Be prepare to be puzzled. I don’t know how they did that. I guess, I better start reading for me to be aware whats going on.

John Cena

A wax of John Cena. Everything is made of wax.


Undertaker. He looks so creepy.

Downtown of San Antonio is a good size area. There’s also tons of historical places. Based on what I have read from the Texas History booked, there are Europeans who actually stayed here in the city. They are the first one who brought the Mexican. They built a mission near the San Antonio River. I was thinking. Is that why there were lots of historic place in downtown San Antonio? I haven’t really read the whole history about San Antonio, but that’s base on European Colonization and Settlement story. Anyway, this time of the year is the best time to explore the city. We definitely will be downtown again soon. Are you from San Antonio? Have you been to San Antonio? Tell me your favorite places here. If you haven’t yett, come and join us downtown. Let’s all enjoy the beauty of this city. It’s a great time to explore the place that we haven’t been to before. And, if you see me? Don’t be shy to say hi. I definitely want to meet you too.

Again, thank you for reading!

Take care,



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