Grimaldis Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria

Grimaldis Pizzeria

Food is sacred, so eat the best food! Hubby and I are always in a hunt for good food. San Antonio has a lot of good restaurants that we haven’t really explored yet. Sometimes, we don’t wanna try a new place. Maybe they will just ripped us off. You know what I mean. Expensive menus and poor food qualities. We have that so many times, but friend’s recommendations are the best. One of hubby’s friend who is an Italian recommended Grimaldis Pizzeria as the best Pizza in town. Hey! I cannot say he doesn’t know anything about pizzas. He is an Italian and they should be good at this area. Right? Well, we went and hunt for this place. The place was packed and bursting with customers waiting outside. First check mark on the list. This pizzeria must be very good for the people to wait at least 30minutes for them to actually be seated and ordered inside. Since this place is located at the La Cantera Mall, we didn’t get bored waiting. This place is like a complete package. Wait for 45minutes? No problem! We went window shopping, although somebody still needs to wait on that area for the beeper range is limited. They do have lots of seats outside and this is actually the best time of the year to go visit this place again. Enjoy the cool breeze of fall weather! Once we were on call, we went inside the restaurant. Ofourse and scream “Finally!”. I am just kidding. No, we don’t do that. It was just on our brains like ” Finally! It took forever and we are hungry!”. Now, the first thing we’ve noticed was the ambiance of the place. It felt like we were actually in Italy. Well, for me it was! I have never been to Italy, so I don’t know if my feeling is right. I based this on the movies and photo that I have seen. Brick walls, red and white checkered table-cloth and the wine bottles chandelier ,which is really awesome looking., were one of the unique details of this place. The atmosphere of the place is very important for me, since I wanna also feel like I am really in a good restaurant. That item is check! As soon as we were seated, waiters and waitresses came up and  took our orders. They were so friendly and very accommodating. A big check mark for them and I hope they continue to be nice. After a while, the pizza came in. The moment we have been waiting for.


We both inhaled the aroma of the pizza and it was so good. The waiter serves us the slices. Oh, the mozzarella was stretching like heaven. Before I even took my first bite, I already tasted it while hubby was already half way of his first slice. I tell you ” The best pizza we ever! tasted yet” It tasted like heaven that we both didn’t talk for 30miutes while eating. Hubby got his pizza heaven look. We love it and it’s approved. We ordered the 21″ pizza for just the two of us. Can you imagine how many slices of pizza we ate? We were both surprise that we didn’t notice it. The result of hunger? or result of “I want more stuffed it all in my mouth”. We walked like we got pregnant by this pizza. Stuffed and satisfied! We just walked it off around the Mall. Hey, we were in the mall already. Mine as well take a look around.


Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza with their special sauce


This was during his birthday. Yeap! Gotta celebrate it here.

We’ve been here 6 times already this year. We just can’t get enough of this thing. We love it and we wanna go back there again, especially this time of the year. They have this part of the restaurant where they open it up during good weather. That’s our favorite part. It’s like an outdoor dining. The pizza was a little pricey, but I can assure you. It was worth the price! You get the aroma taste, pizza heaven and “I want some more stuffed it on my mouth” feeling. Doesn’t get any better than that! Oh yeah, this place also give out Free pizza on your birthday. Don’t ever forget to sign up. You just gotta pay for the extra toppings you want, but that would just be at the max of $5. It depends on what you will get. If one is not enough? They are always willing to take your second order at the regular cost of course.

Grimaldis5Inside look!


I got to take a photo of my birthday boy.

We brought his family here too and they all love this place. It’s our new place to visit during special occasions. This place is also family oriented, since most of the guest here were families. One thing that I have also noticed was there were always a daughter and father date. I told my hubby about that and he was like ” I will bring our daughter here too!”. That was so sweet, but “Are you gonna bring me too?”. He joked around and said “Yeah, but you just need to sit on the other table. It’s a daughter and father date”. We start laughing. It was a good day!

I highly recommend this place, if you are looking for good pizza. Hopefully, we’ll all meet each other there.

Don’t forget to say hi to me 🙂



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