The cool wind with the sound of an upbeat trumpet and big oh guitar ( just kidding! I don’t really know what is that called.) are just one of the things you’ll love about San Antonio River walk. When I saw the commercial for the bud-light Taste of the river walk after the K SAT News, I thought ” We got to try that event”. My hubby,on the other hand,saw it when he was watching some random shows and told me about it. It was a 3 day event from September 10-12 of 2013 on the San Antonio River walk. Over 25 restaurants of the River walk participated for taste sampling to the people who wanna know what’s Riverwalk cuisine taste like. They always have this event every year, so they get to offer the taste of their very own river walk cuisines. They are targeting mainly the tourists who have never been there and the San Antonio people who wants to remember the pride of their city. We were hesitant at first. Well, thinking what kind of foods we’ll be getting or is the money worth spending for this? Oh yeah.. say what you gotta say. But ooops? Of all the excitements that I have read through blogs and I have seen videos through you tube, I thought ” hey? this must be really good and we must give it a try!”. So, hubby and I chose the Thursday which we thought has a more of a very well-known restaurants on the river walk. We weren’t exactly sure what and where it was all going to happened. The Free parking in all city garages and parking space was a false advertisement. I don’t know why they put that on their website and nobody even knows about it. Maybe, we read it wrong? Either way, we found a good slot to position the car which was very close to the River Center Mall. We start of by getting our tickets at the Will Call. Yeap! They do have a blue tent that says “Will Call.” We must say that they are very organize and everything went on so smoothly. They also have live music going on which really rock the whole event. I was even dancing as the music was really blasting. That girl who sings, by the way, has a really good voice. You go girl! After getting our ticket, they told us to get on the River boat to go to the restaurants. Yeap, it’s free! I was expecting that we get on and off the riverboat though. That would be more fun. They drop us off near the event and the restaurant hopping began.

These are the photos that I took from last night. Sorry, I was kind of shy to take those photos. My goodness! The river walk was like a zoo in there. Zoo in a very best adjective! We weren’t expecting it as like that. It actually feels like a city on the river. We love the atmosphere. It was the best!

tasteoftheriverwalk2We were waiting to get on the riverboat.


While we were on the line, we get to see this performer singing and dancing. It made our nerves flow better.

tasteoftheriverwalk3And there you go! Once you hop out, the trick or treats began.


Casa Rio – Tomatillo Chicken & Rice

comment: It was so good! Too bad they don’t offer this on their menu which is kind of what?


The Republic of Texas – Chicken Enchilada Verde and chips

comment: This really reminds me of my friend’s enchilada. It was cooked to perfection. Hubby and I both love it!


Boudro’s – Pulled Pork Crostini w/ Pineapple Pico de Gallo & Wood Grilled Quail Leg w/ Ancho Chile Big Red Marinade

comment: The very least favorite of mine or shall I say? Worst food? The food is so cold that you really can’t taste it anymore.


Rio Rio Cantina – Chicken Flautas & Beef Fajita wraps

comment: The best of all the food that we  tasted. Hubby and I will surely hunt for this the next time we visit River walk.


Saltgrass Steak House – Prime Rib Bruschetta & Mini Carrot Cakes

comment: Love love the Bruschetta! The carrot cake was ok, but still good. They do give out free appetizer coupons. COOL!


The Lone Star & Cafe’ Ole – Fried Pickles/Mushrooms- Mini Beef Fajita Tacos with Pico De Gallo

comment: The beef was good, but I wouldn’t rate it as 5star. It needs more of a seasoning for me to really taste that it’s beef fajita.

comment: I don’t know why I find the fried pickles weird. Too oily and it really doesn’t taste right. Sorry!


The Original Mexican Restaurant – Chicken Enchiladas Verde, Suiza and Ranchera.

comment: I have never had so much enchilada. It was good and tasty, but I like The Rebublic of Texas enchilada better.


The Worm – Flavored Frozen Margarita

comment: Oh, this is so good! As what hubby said ” Now we know where to get a drink!” We love it! Cheers..

We had so much fun together. In fact, we were so stuffed that we didn’t wanna go to the Maddogs British Pub. Some of the people told us that they don’t really like the food in there. Without any hesitations, we both settled down and walked off our big tummy on the river walk. Our overall experience was absolutely great. I might rate it as 7/10. This is my own opinion only. The fee for this event was $25 per person per night, but you do get discounts if you buy for the whole 3days. Anyway, was the food worth $25? NO. It was all okay, but what was great about this experience was the atmosphere of the River walk. The singing, dancing, riverboats floating around, mariachi were all around and you get to taste the different specialties of the river walk. It was like you pay a whole package of a San Antonio River walk hug! It was so fun. To all who organize this, Thanks you so much for making us fall in love with the River walk again. We might do this next year again.


Oh city on the river!

That’s it! Thank you for reading and hopefully we will meet each other on the next San Antonio River Walk events.

Take Care,




    • Thank u! We were lucky that we found a parking after many loops. Uh! But we had so much fun in there. Thank u! Foods are really good. Hope u can also visit san antonio 🙂

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