My 5 Steps to a Clear Back Skin without pimples/acne!


Hey everyone! Finally, my another beauty post. Fall is around the corner. I am kind of sad though. I love summer especially when I have a clear back skin. For my years of figuring out how to really solve this problem. I am not gonna lie. Yes, it is one of my flaws. Having pimples or they call it heat rash on my back is not very appealing especially for women. Well, for men too! My skin has been really completely cleared from all the pimples, acne and heat rash this days. OK! It’s not really that it stayed there the whole year, but during summer my back was just suddenly breaking out like crazy. It always leave scars and discolorations which I find unflattering. This summer was the worst among all the time that I had it. I thought that it won’t go away. It was all over my back. I was always scratching it and looking in the mirror hoping it would go away one day. Nope! it never go away, so I thought that maybe I would experiment something. It works! I promise you..

Acne is caused by an overactive oil glands, excess dead skin cells, and a proliferation of acne-causing bacteria. This bad activities in your skin will cause blockage, because of the trapped oil and dead skin. These become white or black heads that leads into pimples or acne. This can grow anywhere in your body most especially in the face and the back. So, with this 5 easiest step that supposedly you should have done long before will help clear or minimize the appearance of acne/pimple or rash and the scars.

1. CLEAN YOUR BODY EVERYDAY – whole day of moving around will make you sweat. All of that bacteria and dirt on your back will just build up when you don’t clean it everyday. By taking a good bath, it will wash and unclog all the dirt in your skin pores.

2. USE A LOOFAH / SCRUB – it is important that you knock all the dead skin cells on your skin especially on the back to prevent it from blocking the new skin. By using a loofah or scrub, it exfoliate the skin that will all easily washed out all the dirt and dead skins.

3. RUB SOME ASTRINGENT ON ACNE/PIMPLES – This also help to deep clean the back. This also help drying out all your pimples and acne that prevent it from growing even bigger..

4. MOISTURIZE YOUR BACK SKIN – like what all rules, moisturizer helps the skin from drying out which means less cracking and itching. We all know that scratching pimple can make it worst. This also helps to erase the discolorations, scar from acne and bring your skin back to its normal color. Not only that, it will make your skin looking healthy and flawless.

5. HAVE A GOOD DIET and DRINK LOTS OF WATER – Above all, always take a good diet. Remember that what you are taking in will always show out. Water is always known to give a healthy looking skin, so take lots of them everyday to hydrate not only you also the skin inside.

Products I’ve used:

backskin solution

That was easy! We have heard it before. We thought that we have done it. At first, I never really thought that it will happen for me. I wasn’t really sure if it works, but I just continue it anyway. I was seeing progress day by day. Now, I am the proof! My back has cleared like it never had this pimples before. I continue to do this easy steps which I actually normally do except the moisturizer the back. I have this excuse of saying that I can’t reach it, but after doing it once. I made it as my habit. It soothes my back as it prevents it from drying that made it no itch anymore. Try this easy simple steps and sure you’ll get results in no time. Mine only took at least 3 weeks until it all clear out. I’ll cherish every minute of my backless clothes and worry free now. I am enjoying the last days of summer.

Try it and let me know down below of your result..

Good luck!



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