The Paradise Land in the South of Texas – “South Padre Island”

Can we please stay in this Paradise for a month or two? For my 2 years of living here in San Antonio, I have been missing the best part of my homeland. That is the beach, sand, breezy air, seafood and swimming in the waves. The saying is true. There is no place like home, but this one. Close enough! I have mentioned that we have been enjoying our summer and one of which was the road trip going almost to the tip of Texas. The place where we found more of crystal water.. Oh, how I miss it again. We were also with other family which by the way, super awesome family. I love the two smart, sweet and beautiful girls of my husband’s co-worker. Or shall I say, my very lovely kind friends. We all drove down to this place for 4 hours. It doesn’t even feel like it, because I had so much fun talking to my friend. We brought 2 cars. They have their van and our car. Hubby’s co-worker suggested me and him to switch after meeting them on our starting point, so we all could have “chikas/chikos” talk. That was a cool idea and I had fun talking to my new friend so as hubby and his buddy. Nobody even mention how long we have traveled and the kids was so cool and quiet on the back of the car. So sweet! For me, it was just actually nothing since I have always traveled by bus when I was in the Philippines. It always took me 6 hours to get to the province from the city where I went for college. Anyway, we were all there for whole 3 days. We started our travel Thursday afternoon, so we could all get a rest before heading down to the coolest beach on Texas. Hubby promised that we will go back there, maybe soon if our vacation plan will be postponed. Oh, were also supposed to watch the turtles eggs released to the water, but they did it very early and we didn’t get to see them. Well, there is still more of next time. haha! This place is nothing like Corpus Christi. The water is so blue and kind of clear with a nice fine sand. It really reminds me of back home. I also felt more safer here than over at Mustang Island where we went last year. Though, I still had fun. Good enough to resist my beach craving. On the Paradise Island, I have never seen a beach like that with tons of people. I mean, I did in the Philippines of course. Over here? nah! It seems like everyone is afraid to go to the water. They had too much shark movies I guess. Not only that, there is also possible sting rays and jelly fish on the water. Those kind that maybe can mess you up unlike the ones on the Philippines. You can even hold them on your hands. Parking over here is also one of the things that everyone needs to find. It’s like Treasure hunting. There were tons of people, so expect there were also tons of car in the parking lot. We got lucky on our first day. We got the up front parking and we were all good to enjoy that Friday.


Haha! Sorry for Boracay shirt. We are absolutely still on Texas.

Sand Castle 1

This castle is made out of real sand. Wonder how they stick together?

They mixed the water with glue.


These are some of the spots that I found interesting in South Padre.


I love the long bridge crossing to the Island and palm tress that reminds me of home.


There were lots of seaweeds that Friday, because of the storm. Sunday was the best day as the water was very clear.

Not a single seaweed was there.

I can still feel that salty breeze on my face. The stickiness of that sunscreen on my face as I am rubbing it all over me. This is a must as the heat is like you are cooking chicken on the oven. It was more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite of a very hot sun, hubby and I didn’t stop ourselves from going into the water. It was cold enough to make your body temperature balanced from the heat. The most fun is the big waves which really reminds me of my brothers and sisters when we were younger., but that day, I was already with my husband. I couldn’t imagine how fast time flies. Hubby also loves the splashing water on his face as we both ride on the big strong waves that pushes as back to the bay. It was fun that we spent hours floating around the water. Yes! No wonder that we both got so tan. Thanks God though, we didn’t get sunburn. We were both fine, so we went back there again on our very last day which was Sunday. That time, it was just the two of us. It was kind of quiet, but as soon as we got into the water again? Both  of our spirit came back to life. We were jumping, splashing, singing, playing and watching out for any kinds of animals. We were not really very worried about those. Despite what the flag indicates to watch out for venomous animal and very strong current, we knew that we were safe. Hey! We have like a human net in front of us and surrounded by people. Most likely,. animals would stay away from the moving crowed. We just both had a blast, until we finally said “hey! we better get out in here before our skin turned to crispy” haha! But before we left the coolest town, hubby and I went back to the restaurant that has the best shrimp ever! I’ll blog about it too. Thank you to our friend that suggested the place, because we love it so much! We wish to go there again.

south padre2

Bobz World at Seven Seas. Cool architecture right?

South Padre3

Who wouldn’t be amaze in this big oh animal. No worries! It’s not real. lol!


Haha! I know what’s his doing!

oh, I noticed that South Padre has this very appealing concept in their houses, business and establishment. They were very colorful and has a concept of like under the sea thing. They have this seashells stuff around the store, pirates manikins or whatever you call them, and many more Island or underwater stuff. Guys, have you been to a biggest souvenir shop? For me, it is the biggest. I have never seen that kind of store where it was all souvenirs like handmade shells, fish, water logs, beach stuff, mugs that says South Padre and many more. I couldn’t even almost believe that some of their hand-made stuff are all the same as the one in the Philippines. Actually, some of the shells they have are really from Philippines. It did feel like home.

South Padre4

These are some of the things that are quite interesting to me inside souvenir shop.

How about you? what did you do this summer? Did you go to any beach or pool party? I hope you did. Almost remember, “Every summer is always a part of your life memories, so make it a memorable one”.

Have a great summer still!



3 thoughts on “The Paradise Land in the South of Texas – “South Padre Island”

  1. It’s a wonderful place!!!I wish to go there soon…
    Hope both of u to live a happy life always in married!!!
    God bless ur married always!!!may his divine love bind u forever.

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