San Antonio World’s Largest Commercialized Pizza – An attempt to be on Guinness World Record!

San Antonio Largest Commercialized Pizza - An attempt to be on Guiness Book of Record!

I couldn’t believe what I saw this morning. My eyes widen up and excitedly calling my husband as he was walking behind me. What a perfect timing! The Dirt Road Cookers who commercially sell a humongous pizza was doing an attempt to beat the record for the World’s largest commercialized available pizza for the Guinness World record. It was held right in front of the San Antonio Guinness Museum in Downtown San Antonio. I was more surprised as I have never heard about this advertised somewhere. Well, this lady said it was on the news last night. We felt so lucky to be right in front of it and got the chance to talk to one of the pizza maker. Though, I did not see them really making it. It took them at least 1 and half hour just to make the dough and everything from scratch. We don’t exactly know how long it has been cooking on their humongous man-made oven grill, but I am sure, that it took a long time for a big pizza to cook. According to the one of the pizza maker, the owner made himself that big oven grill. They actually sell a pizza that big. They accept party catering and that big pizza is worth $500. Hey! I think it’s a reasonable price I guess. But, they do charge more for outside San Antonio customers. They charge for the travel cost as he said.


They were checking on the pizza and said 10mins more until it’s ready.


This is the man-made big Oven-grill.


It took 5 people to get the pizza out in the oven.


They measured the pizza using the tape measure.


I was there!

When we saw the pizza, it only had 10 minutes left for it to be ready. That was really a jackpot for us. We were also right up front where I took really up close photos of the pizza. Since it is huge, there were at least 5 people taking it out from the oven-grill and more people needed to transfer it to the stand. I was left speechless, as I have never seen one like this big before. I thought Big Lou’s pizza was huge. That was a snack bite compare to this. It was measured as 92 and half inches in diameter, and weighed about 88 pounds. Just think how big is that? Of course, they were giving it out for free to the public. The Guinness had already paid them for it. Hubby and I  had the chance to take a bite of it too. It was delicious, crispy, tasty, and perfectly made considering it was huge. You know sometimes the bigger it is, the quality of it drop off. That one was still taste a very well made pizza. It was very good! I wish that I could bring this in the Philippines. I would really invite every single person in my neighborhood to eat this pizza. Lol! How cool is that?


The Dirt Road Cookers crew.


With their big pizza cutter!


We are not gonna be leaving without trying this pizza. hehe!

Anyway, the media people were there as well. We were surprise that the food network wasn’t there to take this special event. Either way, there were some local medias taking pictures, videos and interviewing the crew. And luckily, I had the chance to be on the front page news as well. Hubby was in the back. haha! He gave way his position for me. Well, not really about me, but I was there! A proof that I witness the event. Oh yeah..

LargestPizza9They were interviewed by media people.

Largest pizza news

Front page of! Check the link for more of the story

Thank you for reading. God bless everyone!



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