A.T.T. – Friday!

Awesome Things Today!

Hey guys! Welcome on my very first day of looking for Awesome Things Today. Taaadah! What a beautiful day today! I felt very different knowing that I gotta see through my eyes and mind what’s positive in everything I do today. It is not really a normal thing for me, but hey? It’s never too late to start a habit. So, I started with a great morning. Despite of me having cold, I did sleep very good. No congestion and sneezing. I sound safe and heavenly asleep. That’s a great thing. Today, husband and I finally accomplished one of the things, that needed to be done a long time ago. Right? That is Awesome, since gathering all the paperwork has been a drag for a long time.  Oh, this is the highlight of my Awesomeness Today. Have you ever been complimented by a random person? Whether it is your clothes, accessories, shoes, hair or anything. I did. In this generation, it’s very surprising when somebody says nice thing about you. I have heard a lecture about complimenting others makes them feel good about themselves. This is so true! It made my day. Thank you to one of the Wal-Mart employee for noticing my outfit today. Another awesomeness is hubby appreciated me for cooking variety of foods. Every after dinner, he would always show love and thanks for the food that I served him today. That is such a sweet man. I noticed it more today and it melts me. My heart is felt with gratitude for today’s Awesomeness!

Until the next Awesome Things Today!



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