“Greatest fun at Schlitterbahn Water Park


I love summer vacation! I love the hot days with warm dry air in the morning and cool air in the evening. The beaches and water parks are one of the things that I look forward every time this season. The last couple of months has been the best hot days I ever had, since I got here! Last year was fun too, but something got to beat that year right? Haha! If you read my last posts, I am pretty much so excited of my summer. We’ve done lots of water stuff. Yes! One of which is the Schlitterbahn Water Parks New Braunfels. Can I tell you guys? I never regretted a single moment that I didn’t have the camera on me. No pictures or anything. What? That is not so me.. but yeah! Hubby and I was having a super blast in our recreation. Though I have preferred as always that our family was there too. It was still a perfect moment with hubby. I cannot even imagine how we bought become children again. Have you been to Schlitterbahn? If you did, tell me your experience down below. I love to read your experience. Anyway, I probably wouldn’t even wanna do it two consecutive days. It was so much fun that it exhausted us the next day. The paddling, swimming, walking and amazed looking made our battery energy to low. That is why, I recommend to pack lots of water, fruits and foods. This place definitely made us hungry. We did brought our ice cooler. Yeap! You can bring your own picnic basket in this place.

Photos grab from google.


Oh, this is my favorite ride. Really cool! The paddling though is tiring.


5’9 deep. I was afraid of going here, but I am glad I did. I hold on to the tube good though. lol!

When you’re in the water, heaven is seems to be reachable by your own hand. I love it, because I am absolutely a water girl. One of the things that me and my hubby have in common. We love water. Sad to say though, I don’t know how to swim. Growing up near different body of water didn’t even help me with that. Don’t judge! I have tried practicing like thousand times. Anyhow, inside this humongous water park , which is divided in two, have lots of water rides. Each rides will surely give you the fun that you are looking for. The 2 parks are so big that it really confused us where to go. If you come here? Prepare your legs, because there is going to be lots of walking. You know, the water roller coaster is not really as extreme as the roller coaster.  But, it does really looks so scary when I saw the big rides. It makes my knees curled up and I almost don’t wanna go. I tell you. Do not be fear. I have never regretted that I tried. I keep on coming back. That’s if the lines is not too long. We went there Thursday. We really thought that there were going to be just enough people around. We guess not! They said that the best day to come is between Monday to Wednesday. Thursday to Sunday are the extreme days. Nevertheless, we still got to enjoy every single rides. Well, until we discovered there were 2 parks. Haha! That was so funny. We thought that we covered all the rides already, so we were slowing down, taking a rest and supposedly will be taking a nap. Then, we found out that there was still a lot more rides on the other park. There was only an hour and half left, but we still went. Thats where I become chicken. I am sorry. Every time my hubby would tell me that it is a kiddie ride. That is my warning. The tower is so high that really scared me. I must admit. I regretted of not trying it. As what hubby says, “Try things you wanna try, because if it is your time. There is no escape from it”. In spite of my cowardliness, we did enjoy every single minute that we were there and we are hoping to go back next time.

Photos grab from google.


Oh, how I love these, but I got coward on this. lol!


I am so trying this next time. hehe!

My adventure didn’t just end here. There is still more to come. How was your summer? I hope you had a great time like I do. There is still lots of time.

Have fun!



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