Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course San Antonio = The coolest Golf Course in Town!


Hey everyone! Have you ever been to Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course? I wont be surprise if you’ve been there. For it’s 50 years of existence, its pretty much very well-known to everyone. I have heard a lot of stories about this place. Whether it’s from their first date in higschool, hang out place with their friends, meeting new buddies, family memories, a first try for a golf course and a lot more. This place has been part of every single San Antonio residence’s summer. My husband has been a Cool Crest player since he was younger. I remember that time they were still close. We visited the place. He told me “This is the best golf course in town. This is where me and my cousin used to play when we were younger until they shutdown the place”. Cool Crest has been shut down when the original owner couldn’t maintain it anymore. After she died in 2010, the place has left unattended. Now, this business is now under a new ownership who has also an amazing story from this place. According to what I heard from very loyal customer who is my hubby’s cousin. The brothers ,who are the owners, brought their first date at Cool Crest. Now, they are owner themselves How cool is that? After how many years, it has been totally renovated. They repair it as it was before. It has been a project for the family.   Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course has born again last June 30, 2013. They recently had their opening and yes! We were there too. There were lots of people who visited to support the place. Mostly are the people who used to play there before when they were younger. They all brought their family and friends. They all came to flashed back the memory lanes. Each one has been very happy to see the place back again and each of them excitedly shared their individual stories of this place. For all the places that I have been to in San Antonio, this place has really have a feel of a one family community. The owners and staffs are so nice and very generous. They were giving out free hotdogs, chips, sodas and bottled water during their opening. I am not only talking about free that is controlled by them, but it was very open to the public. You can grab as many as you want.  They were just letting people hang out and serve for themselves. Of Course, the best part of this is the fully renovated Golf Course! I have been to a miniature golf course at the other place,but it was not as big and fun as this. Each course has its own challenging trick that make you wanna think and position yourself first before striking the ball. It is also has more courses to play. Besides the very well planed courses, the total environment has a feel of a tropical garden. There are lots of banana plants, trees and flowers around its course. It has a refreshing vibe to it, especially when you hear the falling water fountain that flows around the whole course. I even saw a little gold-fish swimming around. Every family and friends will surely enjoy the place!

6Photos of Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course.

They have two types of courses. These are the challenging and the miniature golf course I guess. I am not exactly sure what it’s called, but I assure you. It is not as easy as it sound. You really need to work on strokes to be able to get into the good score. However, that brings fun and enjoyment to the family. It is still very kid friendly game. We went their with our friends and their kids. They all had fun. They even tried the challenging course which I think is really challenging. Aside from its friendly course, the price is very reasonable for this game. They also offer discounts for military and senior citizen. For girly thing too, Yes! You also got to choose the color and size of your putter and golf ball that you are going to use.


The master of all! He always get a good score. GOOD JOB!


Getting there.. hehe! Ofcourse, gotta chose pink ball and putter.


We gotta take a photo to this sign here. right?


His cousin to the right and our friend’s little girl.


There is a Mexican bakery right around the corner, so we decided to stop by and get some goodies.

Now, we have found a place to hang out anytime. We wish that they will have season pass, so we will spend the whole summer playing golf. Lol! We have been there twice already. As you can see, we love  Cool Crest!

Have a great day!




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