“Happy 2nd Anniversary!”


Today, I will share a very special day for me and my husband. It’s our second anniversary. We survived on what they said the hardest years of marriage. This is the time for long patience and lots of adjustments in everything. A time to become a person that set their self as the last priority. Our roads together have been tough, but we both hold on and stayed stronger. Nobody entered marriage and went so smoothly. Those who have not married yet, always expect the unexpected. That is the beauty of marriage. Both of you hold on tighter when things don’t go well. After all, it is “for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us apart.” There is no letting go. It is a lifelong chain. It may all be tangled together, but that’s what makes it stronger.

Anniv11It melts me every time my husband give me roses.


Felt so loved and flattered.

I woke up this morning in silence. That doesn’t really surprises me as it is normal for us every morning. What surprises me was when he just suddenly acted like he has a fever. He said that he really needs to run in to the store for an Advil ( which is a pain reliever ). OK, that was really a pretty good excuse to go to the store. He left me and went through the store on his own. I was left with the thoughts “Does he even remember what today is?”. But, I just blew it out of my mind. We just got back from our little vacation. Both of us are pretty tired from the long road trip that we had. Minutes has gone by, he wasn’t home yet. I was wondering where could he be, but I just waited for him. I figured that he must be reading some sports magazines in the store. He already told me to get ready before he left and that was kind of odd to me. We don’t really have anything planned today. I guess that he knows me too well. I take forever to get ready if ever we wanna go somewhere. So, there I was slowly blow drying my hair and taking all my time. He finally arrived after a while. He silently sneaked in to the room. He brought me some goodies. He surprised me so good. He was acting like he was sick, but the truth is he just wanna go to the store to buy something without me. I know he mentioned before that sometimes he couldn’t surprise me, because I am always with him. Am I the happiest wife or what? I have heard a lot of stories how husband forget their wedding anniversary. I am very proud to say that this is very important day to him as well. Sometimes, the best part of a surprise is when it caught you in the time you least expect it to happen. You appreciate things even more. It may just be a little something to some, but when it’s from the very special person. It means a whole lot to me. It bring me to tears of happiness. The excitement and surprises have never faded away. It remain to his heart and mine. Being married for so long sometimes doesn’t make anything exciting anymore. Everything has been exposed and nothing surprised any of you anymore. You can never hide anything in marriage which means all good and bad are out. Despite all that, we have learned to adjust and appreciate one another’s presence. We have realized that without each other, we are incomplete. We both laugh how silly we are of our pride/ego contest. I am sure that everyone can relate to this. Who doesn’t?

Anniv2Happy 2nd Anniversary!


Pico De Gallo = first place where we dine in the next day we got married.

Anyway, today is the day that we both reminisce our day. We went to the place where we exchange our vows. That is the Marriage Island of the river walk San Antonio. Wow! It feels like yesterday. Everything just flashed back to my memories. We also went to the places where we stopped, ate and rested during that time as well most especially the hotel that we stayed in. Everything is just the same as exactly as 2 years ago. I remembered that couple who visited this place in our wedding day. They both congratulated us. They said that it is their Anniversary and they came back to see the place where they got married 30 years ago. I saw in their eyes, that their love still sparked inside them. That is amazing! I salute those couple. Let us be honest! It takes a bundle of love to remain that spark. My hubby told me yesterday that we will start a tradition of visiting and taking pictures in this place every year. Over the years, we will both see ourselves growing old together.


The altar where we exchange our vows and our first kiss as husband and wife.


This is exactly the spot where I throw my bouquet to the people in the boat.


 We remember this tree. Lots of photos standing on the tree and sitting on the chair.

Marriage is a relationship that is not only as a couple but also as an act of a family and a best friend. It is a complete package of role and an unending responsibilities between the two people together. I have different way of thinking before about this matter and I believe that I am still way far from understanding the whole concept of this. All I know is, it is not a relationship of who win and lost. Instead, it is a relationship of who has the biggest heart that can offer to the other. It doesn’t matter of who is right and wrong, because nobody will count who got the perfect score. Nobody really cares about anything about you two, but only the two of you. It doesn’t matter who put up more, but what matters the most is who understand each responsibilities as a husband and a wife.

Anniv53 dozen’s of Red Roses symbolizes 3 years of being together.


I have prayed that we will stand up stronger and blossom together.

HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY to my dearest!



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