Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Olive Garden  Italian Restaurant

Who haven’t heard about this place? Well, maybe some who doesn’t live in San Antonio maybe don’t even know this place. When I first got here in San Antonio, finding for my food was really tough. I was a very picky person and not really very open to any kind of food. But, when it comes to this place? Oh my.. I have no hesitations to choose anything. Maybe because in my college years, I love that Lasagna with tuna from the Port Cafe of Gaisano Mall, Davao, Philippines. I have never really thought about it before, but that was an Italian food. I love the creamy flavor of its white sauce and the fettuccine pasta is so fun to chew. Anyway, the first time my husband introduce this place was on a non-special but special day.  It’s because I don’t like anything. Hubby went above and beyond to accommodate my needs. He loves this place too. It was his mom who introduce this place to him. Yes, it just become special! The place is romantic for me. The people around seems to look formal than the regular restaurant. Have you been here? What do you think? Is it because of the Italian vibe that makes it feels like formal dining? I maybe think so. The place is good all in all as it is very clean. Well, for this 2places I have been so far. The waiter and waitresses are very kind and helpful. Some that is. Maybe because of it’s very low rate salary makes them to strive more, so they will get their tips which is to cope with the difference of their salary. I mean for a job like that, I think they deserve a better salary. In addition to good service, they have great quality food. They never fails. Although the prices are very expensive in my opinion. But hey, you get salad or soup with unlimited bread as an appetizer while waiting for the main courses. Speaking of soup. Oh, I love the Chicken Gnocchi soup and I am looking for a somewhat similar recipe of that. I want to try making it at home and their spaghetti that my hubby loves. It is really good as he say he loves the meatballs while I always get the Chicken Fettuccine. It makes my mouth watery whenever I think of that. I wish to explore more of their menu. I seems to be more interested on Italian menus. It suits my tongue taste. Yes! This is where I always celebrate my birthday and special days. I just can’t get enough! Best Italian restaurant for me..


My hubby’s favorite salad. Garden-Fresh salad with Italian dressing.


The best soup in the world. Chicken Gnocchi.


Chicken Fettuccine


Inside of Olive Garden Italian Restaurant.

Dare to try this place and you will love it there.




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