I am back :)


Hi each and everyone! It has been for months since the last time I post a blog. I know! I am such an enjoyer of my summer. (I don’t even know if that’s a word.) If you ask me, what happened? I say that I was having a great time. You all know that my hubby is a teacher. Yeap! You got it. I am spending my whole summer doing lots of things with him. As we both have promised, we will do more things this year than last year. We did! But before I get into my summer adventures, I need to share with you that I turned one year older than before. Yehey! I3 celebrated my birthday last June and I tell you. He is the best hubby ever. He make sure that I will have a very special day and I did! ( Thank You! ) Of course, it would be more perfect if I got to celebrate that day with my family in the Philippines, but it was still perfectly perfect. I have nothing else to ask for. Ok! This was the exciting part. Since it was my birthday, I got to have the whole day rest without cooking and I got to dine in to my favorite restaurants.. Actually? I barely even cook this days. ( bummer for my new year’s resolution ). Anyway, we went to McDonalds in the morning for my favorite breakfast menu ever and that’s the Sausage and Egg Biscuit. Hey? He said anything I want right?  The flavor of the Sausage with the egg and biscuit is really perfect. It just melt in my tongue as I slowly chewing it. After breakfast, we drove around the city and went to La Cantera mall. Well, he already knows. I love shopping. Window shopping that is. lol! And you know,  We were just doing our things in the mall and hanging out while laughing 2together as we both exchange funny jokes. Noon time comes, so we head down to Olive Garden. It is safe to say that I am a loyal customer of Olive Garden. I celebrated my birthday here every year. I just love this place. There’s something about it that feels like in a different country, but the food is the part I love here. That soup and salad is the best ever! No wonder I keep coming back. Oh yeah! I love that Lasagne. If my birthday is everyday? Oh my! I might turn into a big whale which I am already. Oh, we also went to Tiago’s Cabo Grill and they have the best Kabob!  Ofcourse, It will never be a birthday without a cake. He didn’t forget to get me a pink cake. he is the sweetest! It was just the two of us though and we don’t have visitors. I still enjoyed my birthday like nothing is lacking and this year was the best I ever had so far since I got here. I guess, every year is gotten better and best. Here’s a story I remember. When I was younger, I always pray that I turned old and then I can do lots of things. Now that I am really old enough, I want to be that little kid again. Being at this age is harder than what we thought as a kid, but it is still the best age of our lifetime. Do you also feel the same way? I say best age because this is the time where craziness happened and we got to learn more stuff. That is why older people tend to know more than us. Now, I therefore conclude that knowledge is not only read from the book but also gotten from experiences.

IMG_5389Yep! olive Garden ya’ll!

IMG_5423You got to love that super awesome pose.. hehe! He loves the Palm Trees.


La Cantera Mall


He have been waiting for this issue, so he grab them right away as soon as he saw them. Gotta say, He is a true Spurs Fan!


Haha! I have nothing to say about this. It’s way to cute! Sssssh… I don’t know if I am allowed to do that. lol!

Anyway, I bet you are asking what I wish for this year. I have tons of wishes that I ask and  I am seeing them gradually granted. Thank you GOD! Lots of things had happened and I prayed for all them. I celebrated my birthday with a joy in my heart. I am thankful that I turned in this age and I got to see more things. What I mean more things are the things beyond the eyes. That’s the biggest gift I have ever got. Thanks for the people around me, because each of you made me become a better person. Yey! Another year of my life and many years to come!

God bless us!



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