How to measure Brassiere Sizes?

How to measure Bra Sizes?

For the very first time in my years of existence, I got to buy my very own bra. This may sound weird, but it was always my mom who buy everything for me. You know, it was also kind of awkward at that age. People are looking at you looking through brassiere and carrying them around the department store. Ok! For me, it will be embarrassing. I haven’t tried it yet but that’s what exactly on my mind. My mom loves to shop for us. That is her way of spoiling us. I know! It wasn’t exactly that much of a shopping. You know Philippines. One of that and one of this is really a big thing. Oh,Mom I miss you and thank you for doing that for me. You know that I appreciate those and I am sorry it took me now to realize it. lol!  Anyway, I really don’t know how to shop one. The first time I bought a bra. It was horrible. I don’t know if it wasn’t the right band size, cup size or maybe I am allergic to that sticky line on the bra. It was really leaving a black mark on my side. The wire was poking me. I have never experienced it before when it was my mom’s choice of bra. I was always complaining how terrible it is, so we went to this place where my friends said they have good quality bras. Well, that’s what everyone says. It must be true. For the first time ever too, somebody measure me for bra fitting. It’s cool. Now, somebody can assist me in choosing the bra that I needed. Here are the steps that we did. Photos are from Google for easy illustration.


  • Place the tape measure directly below your bust.
  • Measure the band in inches.
  • Make sure it is snug enough to move the tape measure.
  • If the measurement is in .5 or half, try both bra size.
  • Example 31.5. Try on 30 and 32.



  • While standing straight, place the measuring tape on the fullest part of your bust.
  • Make sure that you are wearing a non padded – bra.
  • The measuring tape should be parallel to the ground.
  • To determine your cup size: Subtract your band size ( step1 ) from your cup size ( step 2 ).
  • The difference will be your cup size from this illustration.



When trying on your bras :

  • Check the band if it’s loose or too tight. The right size should be snug enough to breathe.
  • Arrange your breast by pulling it carefully inward.
  • Check the cup size: if your breast fill in the whole cup then it’s the right cup. If it doesn’t fill the whole cup: change to smaller cup size, but if it bursting: change to a bigger size cup.
  • Adjust the strap in your comfortable feel.
  • Check the band in the back: if it’s too high then, change your bra to a bigger band size. If it is too low or loose: change to smaller band. It should be parallel to the ground for the exact size.
  • Always remember that if you didn’t find your perfect bra in one brand, go look for another brand. Bra sizes differs in different brand.



  • some department store provides top for you to check your bra with that on.
  • If you have the right bra: you will see that it will give a smooth line on your shirt.
  • Cup lines on the shirt means that you have a bigger cup size.
  • Busting breast meaning too small cup.
  • Too high band in the back is a larger band.
  • Loose band results to a too high band in the back.
  • Too tight band will leave marks and itchiness on skin
  • If the band is parallel around and the cup is filled in, then it’s perfect!
  • The clothes will fit a lot better if you have the right bra.
  • Your bust should be parallel halfway between your elbows and shoulder.
  • If you are wearing the right bra: you will also feel comfortable when moving around.


Yes! I finally got my right size bra. It did take forever, but it was worth it! I know each one of you out there is also asking yourself if you are really wearing the right bra. Well, take this 4steps. I am pretty sure you’re going to finally decide whether you need one or you have the perfect one. Also, try on different brands when looking for bras. As what I have said, every brand has different sizing. Trying different one will make you compare the way it feels and looks. Cheap, expensive, reasonable brands are all varies on how it looks and feel on you. I have also tried different one. Yes they do look good, but one thing is also important to me is the quality. This should also last long after how many wash. Some of the undergarments change it’s size after washing them. I do not want that to happen to me again. I did some research as well if the thing we did there is really universal and it is. I hope that I helped you..




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