My Drawing 101

I have always been wanting to draw a cartoon character since I was younger. I thought that I will never learn how to draw. I have used a lot of tricks every time we have projects during my elementary to high school years that required drawing. That was tracing the drawing through a very thin drawing paper and putting the picture on the back of it. To those who are from Philippines, you definitely know what I am talking about. Or, drawing in a graph and making a graph on the picture. There were lots of tricks I have tried, so I can just draw on my own. Hey! It was effective. Sometimes, I won’t tell that I did some magic. It does looks like real and they believed me or did they? Thus, I still do it until college.  This recent months, I’ve found myself wanting to draw the lines of the photo I’ve seen. Actually, it started when I found my hubby’s younger years photo. I was fascinated with his looks that I wished to draw it.  I grab the drawing pad that I also found while I was cleaning the house and started drawing. I sounded like I did a very good drawing, but yeah! That’s what I am actually feeling. For all those years of trying to draw. Finally! I draw it on my own without doing my tricks. It was just my eyeball and my hand. It was my drawing 101. I remember the time when I used to ask my mom to draw me a paper doll and their dresses. Yes! An easy paper doll and a dress and I still asked my mother. I wished that I have kept all of them. My mom did a good job drawing the paper doll and her things. My sister and I have the best paper doll in our school when we were elementary. Now, I think I am going to try to draw my mom’s signature paper dolls if I still remember how she draw it. These has been the things that inspire me to do lately. Then, these memories back to my head. I wasn’t exactly a painter or anything related to that, but my beauty pageant Miss SSC talent was painting while dancing. As far as I can remember, I was painting a house and a tree next to it. My grandma’s scholar student who is a very good painter. I respect him for his talent. Absolutely! He was teaching me how to blend the colors and how I paint the picture for 2 days only. Yes! I can’t even believe it myself that I was able to just paint it without even thinking twice. It was like an impromptu, but I did it! Though it wasn’t exactly a very beautiful paintings. I didn’t win, yet I felt like I did something that I never thought I would be able to do in front of people. That was then the very last time I tried painting or drawing until recently. I am so excited to share my drawings in my blog. OK! My blog is about my memories, so I got to share this.


This is the first drawing that got me started. I am using a black pen.


I am an absolute fan of Sponge bob! I know call me childish. lol!


Hubby’s graduation photo.


I found this picture online and I love the way her hair. It seems to be easy to draw.


Some people have been asking me what inspire me to draw this? I found this photo online too.


I have been curious if I can also follow the curve of a woman’s body. Photo found at Google.

I wasn’t planning to make this as anything, but it’s just my treasure. A treasure that I will keep in my heart and pass down to my next generations. It made me smile that somewhere in me, there is creativity. Thank you above! I wish to try something different next time and let’s see if I can do it again.




4 thoughts on “My Drawing 101

    • Hi kaye! Thank you.. I would love to see your drawings too.. I just started drawing and I am happy that at least it looks like the picture. Haha! Anyway, it’s cool that we are both from phils and shared same passion. I will be checking your blog too..

      • As soon as I find that drawing of mine, I’ll upload it and will come back to give you the link. I have so many folders and just can’t figure out where I saved that girl with yellow hair. Drawing is a therapy for me and I enjoy it so much.

      • Yeah, i draw a lot when I am upset. Its weird but it does release my negative energy to my drawing. I am excited to see it.

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