My Easter Sunday !

Hi everyone! I have been wanting to posts my Easter Sunday experience, but I have been lazy to get on the computer. Anyway, How was yours? If you ask mine, I have a great Easter day. No, we didn’t have an egg hunting. I wish we did. haha! I know it is for kids, but I have never experience one. I enjoyed seeing those photos where kids were having fun egg hunting. They have these very colorful dresses and baskets. We don’t do those kinds in the Philippines. I am so silly. Yes, I wished that I can do that even though I am old enough. haha! Anyway, I thank God for saving me from my sins. It’s a wonderful feeling when you know it’s a brand new day. I remember that we always go to the beach on Easter Sunday. We go swimming all day as we believe that beach water can heal sicknesses at this day. Whenever we do that, it seems like we were baptized again and it’s a new beginning of life. It’s a time to start all over again and follow the path of GOD. While over here, they spend their Easter Sunday in their own houses. I see that American love to decorate their tables for this occasions. I experienced a new culture and it’s a new way of celebrating. As we were going down the street to my mother-in-laws house, the smell of barbecue lured all over my nose. I was sniffing and pointing out where they were grilling. It seems like I was back in that days where I was walking on that little bridge going to our cottage. I saw people grilled some fish, pork and chicken. The fresh air of the beach just seems to inhale in my body. The noise and laughter of my family was buzzing on my ears. I suddenly wake up myself. I realize that I am in America and I am in a different place. We celebrated our Easter at my mother-in-law’s house. Of course, I cook something to bring for that party. I believe that Noodles or “Bihon” was the best food I can cook for that day.   I wanted to have a party on our house, but I also wanted to find out on how they celebrate theirs. So, my mother-in-law invited us to go and have a cook out in her house. I have been here for 2 years and this is my first time to really have an Easter party. It was great! An absolute family gathering. Everyone was there and it was nice to see all of them, except that I wanted my family to be there too. It was great overall especially the food. The best of all, my hubby’s best margarita. (Click for the Margarita recipe here) Yes I admit! I feel a little kick on my head at the time even though that drink is almost like a Lime shake. Here are my photos on that day !


This center piece is so adorable. I keep on staring at it! It’s like a rabbit land.


I wish I have this table napkin rings. They are gorgeous! My sister-in-law knows how to decorate this.


of course, it will never be a party without this foods.

Lumpia & Siomai, Margarita Glasses with margarita salt, “Bihon” or Rice Noodles

Spanish Beans, Dining table, Spicy Chicken

Potato Salad, Watermelon and Grilled Chicken barbecue.


I had such a great time with his family and hope all of you had a great time too.

It’s never too late to greet ya’ll

Happy Easter everyone!



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