How to start living FREE?

Have you reached that point of your life where you feel so unhappy and depressed? That unsatisfaction of life is luring in your everyday activity? That feeling of confusion is so hard to understand and the thinking of life has no sense at all. All these may seem to be impossible to recover. It really is hard to stand up again and start to walk. We always thought that life is heaven, but it is not the truth. It is in the middle of heaven and hell. It is up to our decision which way we should go. But how? We all know that this isn’t easy, especially when you are already pulled with the strong negative gravity. It’s hard, painful and no hope. Yes! It is not only you that feels this way. All of us! I remember this strong woman who is very close to my heart. I saw herself dragged down to the deep of the hole that she lose hope. She never thought to be pull out in that place anymore. In her eyes, it draws the end of life. She was there in the corner for days and months. I saw it right before my eyes and wondering if she still ever get up. I was asking myself if she ever still can see the value of life. One day, a some sort of voice wake her up. She started to stand up. She slowly pulled herself in a tiny step until she finally fly on her own. I can see her big smile now and no tears her eyes. She’s happy and free. I think to myself, how did she do it? How did she pull herself and move forward? Something enlightens me and these are the things that pulls us down. Like what they all say ” Your weaknesses is your strength”, so take advantage of it.

1. STOP RUNNING FROM YOUR PROBLEM – All of us want to deny of what is in front of us. We ignore and run away from it, but that will never go away nor it will be solved on its own. Face it!

2. ACCEPT YOUR FAILURE / MISTAKE – Each one of us like to pinpoint who’s who, but the best thing to move forward is to accept reality. Accept what it is. That’s the start of success.

3. THINK A POSITIVE SIDE OF YOUR FAILURE – Always remember that every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries a seed of an equal or greater benefit in the future.

4.  NEVER LET THEM CONTROL YOUR LIFE  – You do exactly what is best for you and not what’s best for everyone else.The moment you do that, you’ll end up unhappy every single second.

5. MAKE A DECISION – What pulls us to failure is our indecisiveness. A firm decision will lead us to our goal and objective. Then, we can make a better plan for ourselves.

6. MAKE A PLAN – A decision, objective and a goal without a plan is just a wish. It will never happen. Organize and put it together!

7.  STOP MAKING EXCUSES – We all hear that “This is gonna happen if I do this or I do that” . No! you gotta get up and start doing what you need to do. Those reasons are just the things that will stop you from starting your decision.

8.  START THE CHANGE NOW! – There is no better time than now. Ever heard of a saying “You can never harvest the fruit if you never plant it today”

9.  APPRECIATE LITTLE THINGS – People counts the big stuff only, neither they know that big starts on little things of achievement. THANK.PRAY.CELEBRATE!

10. START SMILING AND CAREFREE – Have you ever smile in the morning when you wake up? Try it! Your whole morning will change into something brighter than what you thought. Smile changes your thinking and mood. Forget the negative things once in a while and focus on positive.

Yeap! That’s it. Easy yet its soooooooooo hard to do. I tell you that in this world nothing comes easy. If you do, tell me what it is. I want to do it too. I am also having a hard time following this all the time. That’s funny, but this steps have been use so many times. It has been proven 101% guaranteed to change your life. If first try doesn’t work? hey, go back to step one.




2 thoughts on “How to start living FREE?

  1. You’re right, we ALL get like this from time to time. If you live long enough, you’re going to feel depressed about something. The trick is to not let yourself STAY down. You give very good advice 🙂 Thank you!

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