Spring Break!


I am finally on the computer and thinking of writing something on my blog. I abandoned this for a while now. It’s time to update it! I love writing here, but lately I have been feeling that this blog is becoming a task for me. I don’t want to feel like that. This supposed to be a place where I can express my feelings at the same time it’s a place to release my stress. lol! Now, I am going to write whenever I feel like it. It’s a more enjoyable leisure than always thinking that I should post something. Anyway, I am back! How was your Spring break? Did you join the party at the beach? I wanted to experience what they call “Spring break”. I have seen a lot of photos where people are partying on the beach side and having fun. If you guys have gone to that party, can you tell me how was it like? I am so curious and maybe one day I got to experience it. My spring break was a peace seeking week. Lots of things was happening that week. Overall, we were in the house and relaxing as what my hubby said “It is my rest week”. As a teacher, he needs a brain rest which I understand. I know how brain squeezing it is when it comes to dealing with his students. I know how kids are. They are pain!

Our whole week was a chillin’ out the house. I think he had a good rest, because he was happy and prepared to go back in school. However, a week of rest has really drag his morning routine. He has been used to waking up so late already. I feel the same way t0o. By the way, did I tell you that I can’t sleep when I am all by myself in the room? Yeap, I am such a scaredy-cat. I never notice it, but he told me that I am also like a time clock. I wake up 15minutes after he is out in the bed even if it’s in the middle of the night ,early in the morning or noon time. I guess, whenever I realized he was not around anymore my brain immediately wake me up. On the whole, I had a fine spring break. I like the last year more than this year, because we went all over the place. I think I have seen the whole San Antonio already. That is why every time we think of places to go, we always end up staying in the house. We can’t think of the place that we haven’t gone yet and the same time we will enjoy it. I realize that there is really not much to do in San Antonio, unless you if are an adventurous person. I have things to do in mind and I think that some people may find it boring. I love to do things like going to a park , grill food and enjoy the breeze with the family. It’s just a moment of having fun with your loved one. That’s the thing I am looking forward to do, but I also need to consider my hubby’s thing. He doesn’t like that kind I guess. I suggested it many times and he doesn’t seems to be excited about it. hahaha! Maybe, he doesnt like a lot of work. You know how picnic goes. Or, it’s my being Filipina. I grew up doing this and I am missing it now. My family love to do this thing in the beach every weekend. We all love it and we enjoy the whole day. Oh how I miss my family and my country. This is a totally different place here. Ok! before I start feeling homesick which I am already, the highlight of my week was the family gathering last March 16, 2013. The 2weeks before that he took this Exam to add on his certification. Saturday on that week, we had the news that he pass the exam. Yes! my husband pass another certification. I am so proud of him. He is really a very intelligent man. I know he doesn’t want to celebrate his achievement, but me and my mother-in-law planned a little gathering for him. He was surprised by it and a little bit upset. He thinks that there’s not much to celebrate. Ohhh.. His being a down to earth thing, but I think that is something to celebrate. I am proud that I have such a knowledgeable man and I think it’s another prize in his life that nobody can take away from him. It may just be a piece of paper, but that thing describes a lot of words to a person. Whatever he say to me, It’s all done! (I am laughing right now!) We had a great celebration together with his family. I wish my family were here too. We were all singing, sipping on a perfect margarita and eating that yummy cake.




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