54th STREET Grill & Bar San Antonio, Texas!

Happy International Women’s day!

OK! I say this greetings, but I am not exactly sure what it is. I went to Google and found an article. It is a day to commemorate the advancements made in human rights and to discuss the challenges women continue to face in politics, education, employment, and other areas of daily life. Wow! Why didn’t I know this? I am a woman. I guess, the more you grow the more you become aware of what’s around you especially on how Google put this daily things to commemorate about. For me, this deserve an eat out event. Women has the right now, right? Either way, I have the best place for this.

My hubby and I have been so curious about this place called 54th Street Grill & Bar. They just open couple months back. We have checked it out before, but it was packed. If you are from San Antonio, you know that people hunt down the newest restaurant in town. We are one of them. His friend invited us to come to this place. I say, absolutely fantastic! I am an Asian and I am very picky when it comes to the food I eat. We went about lunch time, so we had the lunch specials. I have to warn you guys. Their lunch special menu is very deceiving and the waitress I asked was kind of deceiving too. Well, unlimited salad and soup is totally different from the other menus lined up to that. Although it looks like the soup and salad is also part of it, but it’s not. I am just saying because I don’t want you to end up shocked without your soup refills. However, they have a very good quality of food. I ordered this beef steak sandwich, fries and outlaw steak for $7.99. You know me when it comes to price and quality, I wanna make sure I get the worth. I say, this is more than the worth. It was absolutely a great cook. I love the crispness of the fries which is perfect. Oh, the soup? I really wanna make it on my own. It is a mouth-watering soup. I love the hint of salty taste of it and the overpowering taste of the beef. Most of the soup, you can’t taste the meat. This one is different. It’s a masterpiece soup. Anyone knows how to make it? I wanna cook it at home. That’s probably easy to make. The sandwich was also great! The beef is cooked enough to be not too tender at the same time very flavorful. You don’t even need to put sauce on it, because it’s already flavorful enough. While my husband, ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. He call it divine! He loves the perfect flavor of the grilled chicken with lettuce and tomato. As what he said, the best Grilled Chicken Sandwich he ever tasted.


If you wanna get a way of the western theme of San Antonio, this is the best place. They have this different atmosphere that you feel like in vacation. I sound like advertising the place now, but I am not. I am just amazed by the place. It’s worth spending your money for with the good quality food and absolutely great place to chill and relax. I hope this restaurants not gonna change. At least for couple of years. So, if you want a place for get away relaxation for couple of hours. This is the place.

Have a great day!


❤ chengky ..


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