A Real Engagement Story at DICK’S LAST RESORT!

Have you been to DICK’S LAST RESORT at the River walk of San Antonio? When we had a riverboat ride at the river walk, I saw this people wearing weird-looking hat. I always wonder if they are all chef or maybe they give out free big white hats. I have been asking my husband what it is, because I am so curious about it. Well, last December I had a chance to come here. Though I wasn’t with my hubby, but I had an incredible experience. I witnessed a very romantic seen that I have never seen in my life. I went out with my dear friend in the name of  ‘ATE C” and her boyfriend at the time. I was alone in the house and has nothing to do. I know that she was off on Saturdays and asking her what she was doing. Then, she invited me to go to this place. Neither did I know that boyfriend of hers has a plan of asking her to get married. I mean right before my two eyes. Have you experience that kind of scene? If you do then you lived your life. We have seen it in the movies, but it is totally different when it comes to real life. It felt like I got engaged again. OK, we we’re eating just like a normal eating out scene. If you’ve been to DICKS before, you know that they make fun of you. They also have a rude manner of asking what you want or anything like that in a funny way. That’s the concept of their restaurant. You should go there and check it out. They have good foods, althought it’s a little bit expensive. Hey! you go there to chill out right? Besides, you will really have fun inside as they will really make fun of you. Anyway, they put a hat on you with a written funny words or whatever that came to their head. First, they put a hat on me. It says ” Asians are easy”. Did you know that half of the jokes are true? haha! Well, in this case it’s not true. I mean some yes and most of the time totally not. It depends on a person’s status just like here in America. Just saying in case you are wondering too. So, she was writing again for my friend and she wrote “I am the reason my boyfriend drinks”. We we’re all laughing together as all this words are funny. Then, she gave this hat to my friend’s boyfriend that says “I am this big” and a pinky drawing on it. It was like a bursting laugh that when everyone reads it, they really laugh to death as well. After we we’re all done eating, this waitress gave him another hat because she says if that thing she wrote was funny then we should check this out. She wrote “If yes then I pay for the food”. My friend and I were like so confuse and thinking what is that mean. We were like ” Is she asking about that thing she wrote or what?. Her boyfriend turned the hat around that says ” WILL YOU MARRY ME?“. He pulled the ring on his packet and asked her. There I was sitting there speechless, I was shocked at the same time screaming to cheer the scene I have witnessed. I really felt the emotion of two people who wanted to be together. The nervousness feeling from the man that thinks she’s gonna decline it or maybe he was nervous with the crowd. The happiness of a woman that what she wanted is to be with him the rest of her life. It is really a beginning of a very fruitful love. I can’t really explain the feelings I felt, because there is no exact word I can find how I was amaze to see them engaged.The amazing thing about this is, how did he communicate to the waitress? I mean, we were all eating there and I haven’t seen him telling the waitress anything or him leaving the table. He was there the whole time. That doesn’t matter anyway, because this two are getting married very soon. I am so happy for both of them. They are a perfect couple and you can really feel how much they care for each other everyday. I wish them the best of life and a happy marriage soon. I thank them for making me part of that special moment. It is in my heart and memory that I will never forget.

Do you have any moment like this? or maybe your engagement story? I love reading romantic real stories. It makes my love story come back to life again and again. It excite me to know that it is not only in the movies that things will happen. I always imagine that world is full of love and romance. Each person has its own stories and own ways of expressing feelings. Sometimes, it is just ordinary to others but it is the whole world to you. Romance is not the act of expression, but it is the feeling of expressions. Share your moments with me, so I can add them to my memories.


These are my friends that will be getting married soon.


Don’t be shock when they bring you this bucket. That is where you put the bones in. LOL!



Have a great day everyone!

❤ chengky ..


2 thoughts on “A Real Engagement Story at DICK’S LAST RESORT!

  1. Very sweet story! Congrats to your friends! There’s a Dick’s where I live in San Diego, but I’ve never been to it. Want to check it out sometime. Sounds like fun.

    • Its fun. You’ll gonna be laughing the whole time eventhough they are acting ridiculous but they sound funny. Haha! Let me know hows your dicks restaurant in there. If here and there is the same 🙂

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