Baskin’ Robbins Adventure!

Last weekend has been a little warm. I have been craving for an ice cream and there is one particular flavor that I personally like. That is Pralines ‘n cream. It is a very creamy and nutty flavor. It has a honey covered Pecan mixed on it. I am not too sure if it’s honey covered pecan, but that’s what it taste like to me. That is heaven taste to me especially when you get the Banana Split Sundae with caramel toppings and some more nuts. My goodness! It’s a party yumminess! I guess, I made up that word. It is really a party in mouth. I am pretty sure that this summer I will be a regular customer here.

My hubby and I went to Baskin Robbins last weekend. We don’t have that much going on and it’s been pretty hot lately with cold wind. Well, like my hubby said that I have a weird way of cravings. I still eat ice cream as my snack even it was like 37 degrees F in here. I was covered all over, but there I am sitting on a couch and eating that very cold thing. Hey, who really cares? I guess, my hubby do. He really got after me when he saw me eating that. I might get sick, so you out there. Don’t ever do that. Actually,  I used to eat ice cream when I was a kid. It was under the pouring rain. Nothing happened to me. I enjoyed it instead, and maybe that’s what I was trying to achieve. It doesn’t feel the same though, without my two siblings. Anyway, I wanted to share my being very meticulous as what hubby said. He always make fun of me when he tells this story. I have been here for so long, but I never really order for our food on my own unless if I am by myself. He is always the one that will place our order and talk to them. Suddenly, he started thinking that it’s time to speak up on my own. I always ask his opinion on what should I get. I didn’t realize that I have been asking this all the time. Now, it’s time to fly my own wings and be independent when it comes to this. Big deal! That is just food. I guess, I got used to be a mute and a big baby. So, there I was looking for flavors that I wanna put on our Sundae. Who has been to this place? The annoying part of America is that they have way too much selections. I always get confuse what to get. I know one flavor for sure which is my favorite. That is the Pralines ‘n Cream. You guys should check it out! I was just taking my time tasting everything, not even knowing that the lines has been piling up. I was thinking to myself “If we pay $6.29 plus tax for this Sundae, I wanna make sure that I like all the flavors I get”. You know what? I guess it’s my being Filipino thing. I don’t care what people say. I wanna make sure that I don’t end up throwing the money we bought for this. Maybe the people next to me got annoyed. Oh well folks! I am also a customer that doesn’t know what to get, so just be patient. I saw them staring at me. Probably they were wondering if I am Asian or Mexican. As I was busy tasting everything and making sure that’s what I want, my hubby was just laughing in the back. When the girl asked what toppings we want for it, there I was again asking my husband. He was really teasing me good as he was always saying “it’s up to you hon”.  Of course, I also wanna make sure that he likes what I’m gonna get. That is the purpose. This time it’s gonna be different. When he say it is up to me then it’s up to me. He like it or not as long as I like it then we’ll be good. That was a good experience at the same time it’s funny!

I know now what to get next time. How about you? Do you have any particular ice cream that you like? What ice cream place or brand is the best for you? Let me know in the comment down below,  so I can also check it out.

Have a great day!





Pralines ‘n cream / World Class Chocolate / Cokies ‘n Cream

with Caramel and hotfudge toppings

♥ chengky ..


6 thoughts on “Baskin’ Robbins Adventure!

    • Oh my 🙂 is that ok for pregnant woman? I mean is it ok for you to eat an ice cream? I wish we’re neighbors so I can bring you some.. I am sure you’re baby is kicking right now.

      • Ice cream is okay in moderation…. lol Baby? You mean babies…. There’s more than one! 😉
        We have this “Mom & Pop” place not too far from me that has the best frozen custard & Italian Ice I’ve ever had…I think I must make weekly trips there…lol

      • Oh my babies.. Hehe! You can just buy a galloon of ice cream in the grocery store. But then again they don’t have that much of flavor selection. I hope you can get whatever you are craving for. I should try that custard and italian ice. I wonder where i can find it?

      • Wow! Thats what they say about pregnancy.. You will get what u want. I wish you the best 🙂 and I am super excited to see your babies. I wish i can really see them in person. I love babies too.. Bluebell? Yeap! I love that too.. I love the banana nut flavor. I have never heard of ritters yet..

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