An International Birthday Party!

How are you all doing everyone? I was enjoying my past days and didn’t even wanna get on the computer. My husband took Monday and Tuesday off, so I had a 4day enjoyable weekend. I didn’t even feel that he has been here in straight 4days.  It feels like the same weekend. Even summer vacations for me felt like weekend. haha! I always wanted him to be in the house all the time. I guess, it’s more fun when he is around and we get to go anywhere we want.

We were invited to this  birthday party last Sunday. It was so cool! I mean, you really feel like you are in another world. Each visitors were from different places. Not to mention, the host are from totally different country. The wife is from Mexico and the husband is from Italy. Now tell me, is that cool or what? Their 3 kids can understand both Spanish and Italian language. I must say they are one genius family. They speak English, Spanish and Italian. I mean, I can’t even force my husband to learn one word of my language. He said that he can’t really use it that much over here. Well, I hope he’s gonna change his mind. I really wanna teach him and I am excited about it. Anyway, back to the party. We met this cool guy that plays a very expensive instrument. Literally expensive that cost millions. He is part of the San Antonio Symphony. He is not really from San Antonio. He is from Pennsylvania. There is something about people from other state. They talk and act differently. At least, that’s what I observe about them. You will know who are from this place and from other state. They have this characteristics that is distinguishable. Like this wife of the hosts friend. She is from other state as well. She talks so sweet and feminine compare to the people over here. They have this way of talking that tells they are the boss. I don’t know how to explain it, but women here talks like guys. Not their voice ok? They have a power of a man. That is why, I can tell if he/she is from other place. I am also so excited, because we are friends now. My hubby didn’t understand why am so giggly when I told him I have a foreigner friend. Foreigner for me, because she is different. We are different! I am also amazed with her looks. I mean, I hardly ever see people who has a very blonde eyelashes. She is very fair complected and she has like a reddish hair. Can you guess where her husband came from? He is from Mexico. Yea, that’s right! Actually half of the visitors are from Mexico. I wonder how they all met? There’s also one thing that I have been asking. This couple ( the other-state girl and from Mexico hubby ) has an exchange student from Denmark. Oh, I tell you.. he looks so white and blonde. My hubby said that country is called the “Capital of Blondes”. People over there has blonde and blue eyes. He has been there, so he has seen not only blue but very deep blue colored eyes. It’s fascinating! I am dreaming of going there one day. My hubby and I have a list of places that we wanna go someday. It’s a very long list. I am so excited about it, because he told me “honey, we’ll all list down the places that we wanna visit one day and we will travel together”. That’s the most romantic words I have ever heard. Well, dreaming is not bad and I wish to see Denmark one day. Then, this SA Symphony player asked me where I’m from. Of course, I am so proud to say ” I am from Philippines! ” . I am just the only Asian over there. Before, I always feel like I don’t belong. I get used to talking to people now. My husband was so shock to see me that shy to talk to people before. He saw me performing on stage and I told him that I was an emcee on our school. Honestly, speaking to a crowd for me is better than one on one talking. It makes me nervous and I don’t know why. Maybe because I don’t really have that much stories to tell them you know. Now, I am getting used to it. I have this feeling of excitement of knowing people from different country and wanting to be their friends. I didn’t really know why my hubby feels that way before, but I know now. It is fascinating to learn about them.

Oh by the way, they sang 3 different birthday songs. First the English one then the Mexican birthday song and last the Italian song. If you were there, you would probably be all confuse. I was like ” I don’t understand the song” then my husband told me that they sang the 3 languages. That was awesome! They also did the different birthday traditions. I say that this family is very interesting. If you meet a family like that? Then you know what I’m talking about.


The little guy is 5 years old.


It’s funny how they all scream while grabbing the cookies.


This is my friend Amber.


This girl has a very beautiful eyes.


My hubby ❤


This is his Italian friend.

Believe me, this two are best buddies and they almost have the same personality.


and his Mexican friend.

How about you? Have you met people from different country? Tell me about your experience. I love to read them 🙂

❤ chengky ..


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